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A 44-course culinary journey at Ottawa’s Atelier

Prepare to take your taste buds on a culinary journey. Ottawa’s Atelier offers an interactive 44-course tasting menu unlike anything you’ve experienced before. 

Atelier is the winner of the CAA/AAA Four Diamond Award in 2022, distinguishing it as one of the best in North America and the Caribbean. It is one of only three restaurants in the Ottawa region to win the prestigious award this year – and it’s not the first time Atelier has won, for good reason.

To celebrate Atelier’s achievement, we are giving you the chance to win dinner for two at one of Ottawa’s Four Diamond restaurants.

Four Diamond Awards

The annual Four Diamond Awards winners are selected based on anonymous inspections. Hotels and restaurants are reviewed for exceptional experience, creativity and cleanliness by CAA/AAA and must meet outstanding standards to win this incredible achievement. Four Diamond Award winners are amongst just 7% of hotels and restaurants reviewed by CAA/AAA in North America and the Caribbean.

To view the complete list of winners, visit

The venue

Atelier exterior
Carlo Santurbano | CAA North & East Ontario

It’s no secret there’s magic happening inside the walls of Ottawa’s Atelier. But, the exterior might make you think you’re at the wrong place. From the sidewalk you’d never guess one of Canada’s best restaurants is concealed behind the grey door. But one tiny sign that reads ‘Atelier’ confirms that you’re found the correct location. 

Once inside, the minimalist gallery-like space is the perfect backdrop to the 44 individual flavour-packed masterpieces.

The food

A meal at Atelier will have you feeling like a kid again, as each bite is a new exciting surprise. So get ready to smile non-stop as you play with innovative dishes, from cooking noodles in dry ice to popping a delicious edible balloon with your teeth. 

Owner and executive chef Marc Lepine is the mastermind behind the dining experience and is renowned in the culinary world. Lepine is a highly acclaimed chef who has won the Canadian Culinary Championships twice and was named Canada’s Most Innovative Chef.

CAA Four Diamond Awards Atelier in Ottawa
Carlo Santurbano | CAA North & East Ontario

When you visit, make sure to have your phone ready. One unique part of the dining experience is the use of technology. Each course has its own story, which you discover by scanning a QR code. 

The blind tasting of the 44-course menu runs for approximately four hours. If you have a dietary restriction, allergies, or foods you dislike, notify the restaurant when reserving the table, and they will adapt the meal for you.

CAA Four Diamond Awards Atelier in Ottawa
Carlo Santurbano | CAA North & East Ontario

You’ll dive into the deepest depths of the culinary world right from the start of service. A dish you need to experience for yourself is Snail Caviar. It’s not one you can quite put into words. The pop of a caviar bubble met with the crunch of plantain. This dish has to be on your bucket list if you’re an escargot lover.

CAA Four Diamond Awards Atelier in Ottawa
Carlo Santurbano | CAA North & East Ontario

A not-to-miss dish is the Nitro Noodles, which feel like a science experiment. You get to squeeze the red noodle paste into the dry ice to craft your noodles. After a few seconds, the dry ice has “cooked” the noodles, and they’re ready to add to your soup.

Carlo Santurbano | CAA North & East Ontario

Another memorable dish of the night: Burnt. A fiery plate with shishito peppers and a tiny bowl of fire. It’s your job to char the shishito pepper as much or as little as your burning heart desires. Don’t be afraid of overcooking; char is a great flavour enhancer.

Atelier balloon
Carlo Santurbano | CAA North & East Ontario

For the grand finale and in celebratory fashion, you get a balloon. The edible balloon has a gourmet fruit roll up as its string. You’ll end your meal with one of these treats and laugh the night off while you take turns with your fellow diners inhaling the helium and talking in high-pitched voices.

If there’s one word to sum up dining at Atelier it’s extraordinary. Whether it’s to celebrate an anniversary, a birthday, or just a spontaneous night out – Atelier’s is your answer.

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