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A much-needed boost

When you’re up the creek without a paddle—or up the road without a battery—you really appreciate the value of a CAA Membership.

Meet Irene

Irene Leung and her husband, David Frankham, often enjoy leisurely bike rides in the countryside near their hometown of Port Dover, Ont. 

On a hot August day in 2019, the couple was headed home for a nice cold drink after a lengthy ride.

Suddenly, Frankham’s electric bike slowed to a crawl before coming to a halt at the side of the dusty road. The battery was clearly dead. The pair wondered what to do. 

“We thought about me riding home with my electric bike to get our Jeep,” Leung recalls. “I would bring it back to see if we could lift the bike in, but the bike is heavy. We were worried the bike—or the vehicle—would get damaged.

CAA is on their way!

As the hot sun blazed upon them, Leung remembered reading about CAA Bike Assist™ in the CAA Magazine. “I had my cellphone. I wasn’t sure if they would help with our e-bike, so I called and asked,” says Leung, who has been a card-carrying CAA Member since 1997. 

“Sure enough, they said they could help,” she says.

A tow truck with a flatbed trailer arrived about 30 minutes after she called. The driver brought the bike up a ramp, then secured it upright.

“He was excellent,” Leung says. “He drove us home, too, where we discovered the battery had been fully charged, but it was defective. We replaced it right away.”

“My CAA Membership is something I’ve always had for reassurance,” Leung says. “I feel better knowing that if we run into this problem again, we can always call CAA.”

Bike assist to the resue

CAA’s is here to help. With Bike Assist, a popped tire or dead e-bike battery won’t slow you down. All CAA Members get access to the Bike Assist calls. Plus, get great deals for bike gear with our Rewards partners. Visit us online to learn more. 

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