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Home for the holidays

Coming home for Christmas? If you’re driving, make sure your car is winter-ready. 


Winter tires are recommended for areas where temperatures regularly fall below 7C. They’re made to give you better traction in cold weather. Don’t forget to check your tire pressure. Driving on underinflated tires can cause them to wear down and lose traction on icy or slippery roads. 


Don’t wait for a cold snap. CAA’s Mobile Battery Service will come test, replace and recycle your battery. Visit for details. 


Keeping your fuel tank at least half full helps your car run smoothly and makes sure you won’t be stuck in case of an accident or delay.  

You can save on fuel every time you fill up at a Shell station with a CAA Membership. Just insert your CAA Membership card at the pump or swipe your card in-store and you’ll save 3¢/L. You’ll also get 10% off car washes and products in-store. *Conditions apply at nearby participating locations. Fuel up faster with the Shell App and pay from your phone by using Shell EasyPay™ in the Shell app. You can also use it to locate nearby stations. 


If you must park outside, pay attention to the weather forecast. When the forecast predicts freezing rain and ice, consider covering your windshield with a specialized tarp that helps protect the glass. Or use an ice scraper to remove ice, snow, or frost – don’t rely on your wiper blades to do it. 

Regular maintenance checks

Regular maintenance will ensure your vehicle is ready to go, wherever the road is going to take you this winter. Find a CAA Approved Auto Repair Service facility at 

Emergency must-haves

Get all of these items and more in the new CAA Winter Hazard Kit. Available at CAA Stores. Visit for details.

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