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How to tell if you’re not just winter-ready but Canada winter-ready

Ask just about anyone about snow fall, wind chill or the coldest day on record and chances are they’ll hit you a stream of astonishingly precise meteorological terms – the words ‘arctic vortex’ comes to mind – with the confidence of an Environment Canada climatologist.

But if you really want to test a Canadian driver’s approach to winter, peek in the trunk of their vehicle. Nothing says ‘winter scminter’ like a perply kitted out car ready to tackle the wildest weather Mother Nature has to offer.

Of course, it’s not just what’s in the truck that counts. What you do before the first snowfall matters just as much, if not more. Want a checklist? Here you go.

Install winter wipers

Thought windscreen wipers were an all-season sort of thing? Au contraire. Like tires, winter wipers are more robust and better able to deal with winter conditions than summer blades.

Top up your washer fluid

Make sure your washer fluid is suited to -40C conditions and that you have an extra jug handy, especially on milder, slushy days.

Check your battery health

Long, hot summers have a big impact on battery health, so ensure you check not only the age of your battery – they’re usually good for five years – but its current state of wellbeing. CAA’s Mobile Battery Service sends a technician right to your door to test and, if needed, swap your battery on the spot.  

Have a mechanic inspect your car

While you’re checking things, it’s a good idea to have a mechanic look at your brake pads, callipers, engine belts, and hoses, as well as the heating and exhaust systems.  

Keep a winter kit always on hand

It should contain booster cables, extra oil and windscreen washer fluid, lock de-icer, flashlight, flares, safety triangles, emergency blanket, ice scraper and perhaps a bag of salt or sand. 

Download the CAA Mobile App

Not only can you track the truck when you need CAA to lend a hand, but the CAA App contains your Membership information. And remember – you need a piece of photo ID as well as your Membership card to ensure smooth service.

Don’t forget about getting your home ready for winter too. Read our handy guide.

Did you know?

  • If you install winter tires, you get a 5%¹ discount on CAA Auto Insurance
  • When you update your wiring or plumbing, you can save on your CAA Home Insurance² premium

Protect your investments with flexible coverage. Call 1-888-545-7254 or go online to get a quote. 

1 Underwriting rules apply. Rating applied to vehicles with four (4) winter tires that meet the winter tire designation. Installation no later than November 20 and removed no earlier than April 15.

2 Auto and Property Insurance are underwritten by CAA Insurance Company. 

Certain conditions, limitations and underwriting guidelines apply.

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