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What does your car say about you?

Your car is an important part of your identity. It is more than how you get from point A to point B; you put a lot of thought into buying a vehicle that is perfect for you and your lifestyle. But what is your car telling the world about you? Did you know that the type of car you drive says a lot about your personality, on and off the road? 

Want to know what your vehicle says about you? Then read on to see what your wheels say about your personality. 


Minivan To School
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Minivan drivers always have family in mind. If you drive a minivan, chances are you picked it for how many kids you can cart around. You love a crowd and are proudly the designated carpool parent. You’re a pro at getting your little ones and their friends to practice, school, and events. Family is your priority, and your kids are a defining part of your life.  

Pickup truck

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Those with a pickup truck are the doers of the world. They know how to work hard and how to play harder. If you drive a truck, you likely prefer the countryside to the city and need space to roam and explore. Your vehicle is no-nonsense; it is usable and reliable. And when it comes to truck drivers, the job is never really done, but you know how to have fun while working. Plus, you are your friend’s go-to when they need furniture moved.  

Sports car

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Sports car owners are high-energy thrill seekers. They need speed and live life in the fast lane. If you drive a sports car, there is nothing lowkey about you. You’re all about flashy things, and don’t mind being the centre of attention. Those who own sports cars are huge car enthusiasts, and they will always live to the fullest.  

Small cars

Small car owners are city slickers. The smaller the vehicle, the easier it is to navigate traffic jams and squeeze into the perfect spot in a busy parking lot. If you own a small car, you probably have the environment in mind, and you like the simplicity of your vehicle. Small car owners are practical and like the simplicity, plus they are experts at packing the trunk so it fits everything they need. 


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For those who drive an SUV, safety is essential. SUVs take up a little extra space on the roads and sit higher to give you a better view. An SUV is perfect for smaller families as it combines safety with space. But don’t let the protective nature of the vehicle fool you. SUV drivers are ready to go anywhere, whether it’s the arena for hockey practice or a remote cabin. SUVs are trusted by adventurers, as their higher clearance is great on the road and off. 

Luxury cars

Luxury cars are a status symbol. Drivers of luxury cars are high achievers, who value comfort and appreciate the finer things in life. Luxury car drivers like to make a statement without being too flashy. They know they have expensive taste, but they care about craftsmanship and the quality of their vehicle.  

Classic or antique cars

Classic vintage muscle car
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If you own a classic car, you are a true car enthusiast. You are willing to get your hands dirty and strive for vintage perfection. Classic car owners are loyal to their cars and value hard work. They’re collectors and nostalgic. There’s a chance your classic car was your dream car growing up, or it has sentimental value. Either way, as a classic car owner, you care a lot about your car and the memories you have of it. 

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