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4 Tips to help you sleep better

Canadians are not sleeping well. One in two adults has difficulty going to sleep or staying asleep, according to a 2019 study by Statistics Canada. Poor sleep has been associated with both short- and long-term health effects, such as hypertension and poor memory consolidation, and exhaustion the next day. Implementing good nighttime habits—like maintaining a regular sleep schedule and ensuring your room is dark and cool—is a must. For those of us who need a little extra help, here are four tools to try. 

Download an app

Sleep Apps
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Practicing mindful meditation before you doze off has been shown to help quiet your brain for better sleep. Headspace (headspace.com) and Calm (calm.com) are two popular apps that offer sleep-specific meditations, music and stories to help you swiftly drift off into dreamland. 

Snug as a bug

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Using a weighted blanket is a quick way to induce peacefulness, decrease stress and increase levels of the sleep hormone melatonin. Look for a blanket that’s about 10 percent of your body weight— the sweet spot for most people. 

Limit screen time

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Our devices are doing more than keeping us from hitting the hay. The blue light they emit also impacts our biological sleep-wake cycle. Stop using screens at least 30 to 60 minutes before bed, and consider blue-light-blocking glasses or a bluelight screen protector. 

Keep it cool

Lowering the heat
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According to the National Sleep Foundation, our bedrooms should ideally be between 15.6°C and 19.4°C for sleep. A more eco-conscious alternative to blasting your AC is a smart mattress pad, like the Slumber Cloud, which has two layers of NASA-approved temperature regulating technology. 

Catch some Zs

Members can save money and earn CAA Dollars® when they shop for non-medical sleep aids, such as a weighted blanket from Walmart and antiblue-light glasses from Well.ca. Visit caaneo.ca/shoponline to start shopping. 

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