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4 Ways to keep your floral arrangements looking fresh  

Keep your grocery store or professional bouquet looking amazing with these at-home care tips to extend the life of your blooms. Here are four tips to keep your floral arrangements looking fresh: 

Clip and prune the stems

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Before placing your bouquet in water, use a pair of sharp scissors or pruning shears to cut each stem by at least half an inch at a 45-degree angle. The increases the surface area of the stems and helps the flowers to absorb more water. 

You should also remove any leaves that will be below the waterline, as excess foliage can rot and turn the water cloudy over time. 

Change the water frequently

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Flowers thrive in cool, clean water, which means you’ll want to rinse your vase thoroughly and refill it with fresh water every two or three days. Adding a package of flower food -or a homemade mix of citric acid, sugar and bleach – can also help prevent mould and bacteria from building up in the water. 

Don’t mix fruit and flowers

Place your floral arrangement far away from the fruit bowl. Apples, bananas, peaches and many other common fruits and vegetables release ethylene gas into the air as they riper, which can cause flowers to wilt and drop their petals prematurely. 

Keep your blooms cool

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Cut flowers prefer cold temperatures, so avoid placing arrangements in direct sunlight or near a fireplace or radiator. If you really want to preserve your bouquet for as long as possible, consider storing it in the fridge overnight. 

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