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6 Inexpensive ways to boost your home’s resale value

There’s something about warmer weather that seems to get homeowners yearning to renovate. Of course, it makes sense to focus on renovations that will reap the highest return, especially if you’re thinking about selling in the near future. While kitchens and bathrooms tend to boost selling prices the most, there are also less expensive ways to spruce up your home and increase its value. 

Deck the house

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Building a backyard deck doesn’t have to be expensive: big-box stores have supplies and many even hold deck-building workshops. Finish in a natural tone for the widest appeal, then “deck” your space out with patio furniture and planters. 

This land is your land

gray front door of a home with green wreath and flanked by tall potted plants
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First impressions matter, and landscaping works wonders. Seed bare patches on your lawn, keep the grass trimmed and plant a flower bed and greenery. Consider creating a grand entrance with oversized urns or replacing grass-challenged areas with decorative wood chips or river stones. 

Give ceilings the royal treatment

living room
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Crown moulding and decorative ceiling medallions can give rooms a regal air. Best of all, they’re inexpensive; today’s options come in lightweight MDF and a dazzling array of colours and finishes. 

Switch switches

Switch buttons in white kitchen interior
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Little details can make the biggest difference, so replace all dated light switches. Whether you opt for white, brass or stainless switch plates, ensure that your electrical outlets match. 

Knock knock!

front door of house with flower pot
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An ornamental door knocker can create a great first impression while playing up your home’s personality. Scour antique markets for one-of-a-kind finds, or visit your local home centre for something that reflects your style and matches your door hardware.  

Garage door

Large modern home with gray exterior.
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Replacing a garage door can be a bit expensive, depending on your door size and model, but it’s a known fact that it can really boost your home’s price. 

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