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How to get a CAA Membership for free

The best things in life are free. That’s true, too, when it comes to a CAA Membership!

Skip the annual Membership fee when you use the CAA Rewards® program. It’s the loyalty program designed exclusively for CAA Members. What’s that mean for you?

You’ll enjoy instant savings at restaurants, retail stores, hotels, and attractions, plus earn CAA Dollars® that can be redeemed on vacations through CAA Travel, merchandise at CAA stores, gift cards, and so much more – just by being a CAA Member.

But doesn’t CAA do roadside assistance?

Sure, we do! With a CAA Classic®Plus®, or Premier®, you get 24/7 access to emergency roadside assistance from Canada’s Most Trusted Brand– CAA.

You also get access to insurance and travel products and services that give you peace of mind. But best of all, you’re automatically enrolled in the CAA Rewards program and can start saving on everyday purchases just by using your CAA card at participating partners!

So how can I get a CAA Membership for free?

The secret behind getting a CAA Membership for free is enjoying the deals and discounts the CAA Rewards program offers. It’s that easy. Simply show your card to Rewards partners wherever you go or use it for purchases at the CAA Rewards eStore and the savings start to add up quickly.

Use it when you’re out shopping, to entertain your family on school break, to treat yourself, or when buying or selling your home… the options to save are almost endless.

With the cost of a CAA Membership starting at just $30 per year (for a CAA Everyday Membership), it won’t be long before you’ve recouped your Membership cost.

Here are some easy examples to show you how quickly your savings can add up!

National rewards partners
Local rewards partners

Plusany CAA Dollars you earn can be used to pay for, or reduce, the cost of your CAA Membership renewal. It’s just another way to have your cake and eat it, too.

So, get started today. Learn more about the CAA Rewards program here.

How much can you save with CAA?

CAA North & Eastern Ontario Members saved $7.11 million in one year¹ by taking advantage of everything CAA and our partners offer – and that doesn’t even include the value we offer in our roadside services or travel bookings.

Possible savings per year

Bottom line? We’re making it easier to stretch your your dollars every day. From dining and travel to shopping, getting insurance, fuel savings and great family activities, CAA Members have access to more than 126,000 Reward partner locations worldwide.

Not a CAA Member?

Join today by visiting your nearest CAA Store, calling 1-844-252-3648 or clicking here.

¹ Year-on-year June 20, 2021 to June 21, 2022. ² Average savings are calculated using total savings in a category in a year-on-year range and actual usage by Members. Individual savings vary by each Member. Does not include cost savings from roadside assistance or travel bookings. ** Members purchasing 80L per week throughout the year could save $124.80 a year by applying the Shell fuel savings.

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