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What kind of NCC active use programs user are you?

The National Capital Commission’s (NCC) active use program is back, from May 13 to October 9, every weekend and some holiday Mondays. The program is a highlight of summer for the region since the 1970s covering over 19 kilometres of car-free parkways for people to explore.  

Venture out along the Ottawa River using Sir John A. MacDonald Parkway from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. or Sir George-Étienne Cartier Parkway from 8 to 4 p.m. Along the canal, the Queen Elizabeth driveway is a part of the active use program and is clear of vehicle traffic from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. every weekend from May 13 to October 9. Between July 1 and September 4, Queen Elizabeth Driveway is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. seven days a week as part of NCC’s active use programming.  

CAA North & East Ontario is proud to partner with NCC this year. Keep your eye out for the CAA rest area on the Queen Elizabeth Driveway between Fourth and Fifth Avenue by the Flora Footbridge. We’ll have games, free Freezies from the Icicle Tricycle, and even a dog watering station for your four-legged friends. We can’t wait to see you on the Queen Elizabeth Driveway this summer.  

Whether you cycle, run, or walk, the active use programs offer a safe, car-free way to explore. So, what type of NCC’s active use programs user are you?  


Why pay for the gym when you can get your workout outdoors? Whether you’re a season gym-goer or are just starting your fitness journey, the NCC’s parkways allow you to shake up your workout routine for the summer. You get to enjoy the fresh air and take in the sights like the Ottawa River or the many tulip gardens that decorate Ottawa in the spring. The active use program is a great way to stay active with your friends and family.  

Here for the freebies

Did someone say free? You heard there are Freezies, games and swag at the CAA rest stop along Queen Elizabeth driveway; spending time outside is just a bonus. You’re spontaneous at heart and like trying new things, especially if you get to walk away with a prize. Plus, a frozen treat from the Icicle Tricycle is the perfect way to cool off this summer. 


You’re all about kid-friendly activities this summer. NCC’s active use program is the perfect time to spend quality time with your family in the sun. Whether you and your family are out for a casual stroll or a bike ride, you’re trying to spend as much time together as possible. For the families, it’s the little moments, like your kiddo stopping to smell the flowers or cooling off with a frozen treat. 


NCC Bikedays

You like a fast, reliable way to get around the city. You’re all about hitting the open active use program parkways and feeling the wind through the holes in your helmet. For you, being able to navigate roads without vehicle traffic is a bonus as you travel the city by bike. Being able to save on gas and bus or taxi fares is a big perk too. You already take advantage of the bike lanes and baths around Ottawa, but car-free on weekends is an extra perk 


Whether you’re training for an upcoming marathon or love running for fun, you know that NCC’s active use parkways are a great course. NCC’s pathways provide over 19 kilometres of car-free running paths on the weekends. Plus, it’s hard to beat seeing some of the best views Ottawa has to offer compared to staying indoors on a treadmill. 


You enjoy getting out for some fresh air and shaking up your day. The active use program is the perfect excuse to spend some time being active, but you’re in no rush. You’re simply savouring the sunshine while working toward your step goal. For you, the open parkways are great for getting around the city this summer, whether you’re meeting up with friends or simply happy to get out and get moving.  

City explorers

Whether you’re visiting Ottawa for the weekend, are new to the city, or are a long-time resident, the NCC active use programs are an amazing way to discover Ottawa. Whether you set off on foot or by bike, you’ll have so much fun exploring the city this summer. For those visiting this summer, rent a bicycle from Escape Bicycle Tours and Rentals, plus CAA Members save 10 per cent 

Sunshine lovers

After a long winter, you’re looking for any excuse to get outside while the weather is nice. For sunshine lovers, it doesn’t matter if you’re out on a leisurely stroll, running errands, on a bike, rollerblades or a skateboard; you’re happy to soak up the sun. The active use programs allow you to catch some rays while venturing to a sunny park or patio 

Dog walkers

NCC Bikedays

You know all the dog-friendly spots in the city and love to bring your four-legged friend along for the adventure. Your pup loves the extra attention as they stroll the city’s paths and streets. For the dog walkers, the active use pathways mean a safe way to spend a little extra time with your pet and tire them out. And you heard about the dog watering station at CAA’s rest stop, so you had to stop by. 

Enjoy CAA Everyday

Don’t have a car? CAA has a Membership for that. CAA Everyday lets you access CAA Rewards and Partners for only $30 a year. Plus, CAA Everyday offers Bike Assist, a roadside assistance program for bicyclists. Visit us online to find out more.  

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