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Talking Thanksgiving turkey

Up your Thanksgiving game with one of these oven-free approaches to cooking your Thanksgiving turkey.

Slow cooker

Using a slow-cooker delivers a bird that will be juicy after self-basting in its natural juices during the no-rush cook time (up to eight hours). Before serving, transfer the turkey to the oven and broil it for a few minutes to add colour and crunch to the skin.

Air Fryer

Goodbye, deep fryer. Golden, crisp skin is achievable in this portable convection oven, no bubbling oil required. You’ll be rewarded with a moist bird that cooks quickly, as well. Tip: avoid saucy marinades or sugarbased rubs as they’ll caramelize and burn during cooking.


A delicately smoky grilled bird is a taste of summer in the fall. Speed up the time by spatchcocking the Thanksgiving turkey—removing the backbone and flattening it—which also ensures even cooking, succulent meat and crisp skin. Use indirect heat throughout, and don’t open the lid too often to keep the temperature constant.


Set your alarm for an early start, as this low-and-slow process can take up to 12 hours. Consistent heat is key for a tender turkey, so keep it steady between 235 ̊ F and 275 ̊ F. If your smoker has any hot spots, rotate the bird for even cooking. Dampen smaller wood chips before starting to prevent burning.

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