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Valentine’s Day quiz: how romantic are you?

Are you always swept away by the romantic affair of Rose and Jack in the movie Titanic? Or tear up from Gerry’s letters and recordings to Holly in P.S. I Love You?  Perhaps your romantic repertoire is centred around a bouquet of flowers and dinner with your love interest.  

Take our Valentine’s Day quiz below to find out how romantic you are. 

How romantic are you?

You’re as romantic as a wet sock.

You need a romance overhaul. Romance doesn’t have to be flowers in hand or dinners at expensive restaurants, but it does mean that you focus your attention on the person you love. Don’t forget your CAA Membership card because we offer opportunities to save on restaurants, tickets and more. Why not keep it simple and treat them to dinner and a movie? Members save on Landmark and Cineplex movie tickets when pre-purchasing them at your local CAA Store. Plus, you can save 10% when you dine-in at Montana’s, Kelseys Original Roadhouse or East Side Mario’s 

Your heart is in the right place.

You are willing to show appreciation and develop a deeper connection. Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to show your love in a big way, in addition to the little things you do all year long. CAA has great Rewards partners that can help you save on your next romantic weekend getaway. Members save up to 15% and earn 10% bonus points at Best Western, save up to 10%, and earn World of Hyatt points at Hyatt. 

You are exceptionally romantic.

You could be the lead in a romantic film. When in a relationship, you make an effort to make sure that your partner feels appreciated and loved. Flowers, dinners, chocolate, and special dates are all in your repertoire for making your loved one feel special. You don’t need help to make any of this happen, but you can benefit from saving a little bit on your date night budget. CAA Rewards can help you save. Did you know you can save 20% plus earn 5% in CAA Dollars on flowers at Teleflora (online or phone orders)?   

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