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What does your cat’s personality say about you?

Like humans, cats have distinct personalities that reflect their quirks and traits. From cuddle cats who love to curl up with you to cats filled with curiosity and a sense of adventure, each cat is different. How your cat behaves reveals more than just their personality. Your cat’s personality also reveals something about you.   

Research has shown a strong link between the personality traits of cats and their owners. If your cat has a particular quirk or personality trait, they likely got it from you. Cats also take on characteristics they picked up in their environment and the type of care they receive. For example, cats with owners who are free spirits and open to new experiences are often more curious, while cats that are more reserved or anxious around people have owners who are a little nervous or stressed.   

Have you ever wondered how much you and your cat have in common? Here is what these common cat personalities say about their owners.   

Social butterfly

Couple with their cat
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Does your cat always want to be around people, seeking attention and affection at every opportunity? Then your cat is a social butterfly. Social butterfly cats are super outgoing, friendly, and often very vocal. So, what does having a social cat say about you? It shows that you are a warm and friendly person who values human interaction and craves attention. You like to surround yourself with friends and family, and your cat appreciates the extra love. 

Curious explorer

Cat exploring over the closet
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Curious cats are constantly exploring their surroundings. They love getting into mischief and investigating new things. This type of cat is adventurous, independent, and always on the lookout for something new. Curious cat owners share a sense of adventure with their cats. These individuals are always ready to try something new, like a sport or hobby, and are creative. Owners of a curious cat value new experiences and like to explore the globe.

Cuddly companion

woman with cat
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Does your cat love to snuggle up on the couch while purring contentedly? If your cat constantly seeks comfort and wants to be as close to you as possible, you’re a kind and nurturing person. You value close relationships with friends and family and emotional connections. You are affectionate, loyal, and friends seek you for comfort when stressed. 

The hunter

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Does your cat love to stalk and chase its toys, or does it pounce on anything that moves? Hunters are independent, active, and highly skilled at catching prey. They love to chase their toys and spend hours playing with you. If your cat is a hunter, then you are a driven and competitive person who values success and achievement. 

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