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Eat what you sow

Nothing is as satisfying as picking a sweet, juicy cherry tomato from the vine or snipping lettuce right into a salad bowl. Fortunately, even small spaces can host a veggie garden, provided they get six to eight hours of sunlight a day. While you can plant in everything from clay pots to paint buckets, there are a few modern options worth trying. 

Self-watering containers are a great invention, especially if you plan to travel in the summer. If you’re concerned about space, portable fabric containers are a great solution. These lightweight, permeable pots come in various sizes and can help produce strong root systems in plants.  

To get started with any container, fill it with potting soil formulated for vegetables. Look for patio varieties of beans, peas, tomatoes, and peppers; these plants are more compact and perfect for pots. Plant seeds like peas and lettuce outside, but start heat lovers, like tomatoes, indoors. You can also purchase seedlings from nurseries—they’ll have had a head start in a greenhouse. Now all you have to do is add water and wait. Bon appétit! 

What to plant this spring

Before planting, know your growing zone and carefully read seed packets or plant tags for timing and temperature directions to ensure your seedlings get enough sunlight and warmth. Plus, check your region’s frost-free date to determine when it’s safe to plant warm-weather vegetables. 

Mother and son working on a urban garden at home
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In early spring

Women gardener watering plants. Container vegetables gardening. Vegetable garden on a terrace. Flower, tomatoes growing in container
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In late spring

Get your gardening supplies

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