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Working from home? Tips to avoid work-related injuries in your workspace

With more Canadians homebound, injuries related to working-from-home have been on the rise. Thankfully, most of these health concerns can be easily treated with a few basic changes. 

Muscle aches and pains

Most of our homes aren’t designed for an 8-hour workday, so it comes as no surprise that a home quickly converted to a workspace can be the cause of various aches, headaches and pains. In fact, in a recent study, 41% of at home workers have reported low back pain, and 23% reported neck pain since working from home. 

Sometimes, simple things like the height of your desk or an uncomfortable chair can be the cause of musculoskeletal pain. To help prevent this, try placing your computer monitor at arm’s length, and ensure your knees and hips are at a 90-degree angle. 

Here are a few additional tips to reduce or eliminate muscle pains while you work from home:

Eye strain

Eye strain is steadily increasing among employees working remotely, and it’s further irritated by the multiple daily devices we use. With the added fact that even meetings are taking place online today via Zoom and other applications, our eyes are dealing with more than usual. Eye muscles contract when we read up close and relax when we look away. Our eyes are forced to “jump” from computer monitor to cell phone, to tablet. This sustained screen time causes increased eye strain which can lead to headaches.   

To reduce or eliminate eye strain:

Mental health

With a decrease in socializing and human contact since the pandemic, there is increased isolation and a risk for new or heightened mental health issues. This can be true for both remote and on-site workers. 

When you add financial uncertainty, health concerns and the added pressure of helping to homeschool young children, it can quickly become a recipe for a surge in mental health issues. 

Right on cue, anxiety and depression stand front row, with Canadians experiencing one or the other at record levels. Anxiety especially is reported to have quadrupled since the start of the pandemic back in 2020, with over 20% of Canadians reporting high to extreme levels of anxiety.

Symptoms may include:

The key to mental health issues is seeking treatment for them which is readily available and very effective. 

Peace of mind coverage

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