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When should you update your home insurance policy?

Maybe you finally got around to that kitchen reno or installed a pool—but did you review and update your home insurance policy with each major change or addition to your home?  

“If you’re doing anything to your home, talk to your insurance agent or broker and advise them of any changes to ensure you’re fully protected,” says Elliott Silverstein, director of government relations with CAA South Central Ontario.  

Updating your policy doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll end up paying more for your home insurance, Silverstein says. Rather, it will better reflect your current living situation, providing the appropriate amount of coverage should you need to make a claim.  

And if you’re not sure whether something will impact your coverage, clarification is just a phone call away. “When in doubt, don’t assume,” he says. “Ask the question.” Here are five changes, additions or modifications to your home that warrant a review of your home insurance policy. 


If you’ve undertaken a sizable renovation, such as finishing your basement, it could increase the replacement cost of your home in the event of a claim. 

Pools and hot tubs

While they technically fall under the renovation category, it also comes with new risks, so you may need to consider liability coverage. Be sure to call your representative about your particular situation 

Increase in property value

If the market value of your property has increased over the years, you may need to increase your coverage to reflect this. 

Adding personal possessions

If you’ve accumulated high-value possessions, such as jewelry, artwork, furniture or electronics, you may want them reflected in your policy in case of damage or loss.  

Downsizing or retirement

While some people tackled renovations during the pandemic, others downsized, decluttered or even retired. You could potentially save money if you’re paying for coverage you don’t need. 

Policy review

Review your home insurance policy annually to ensure you’re fully protected. Visit to speak with a licensed CAA Insurance Agent— even if you’re insured elsewhere— for more information. 


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