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Great big adventures with your four-footed friend

The look of dejection on your dog’s face as you drop them off at the kennel before setting out on a vacation is tough – but it’s probably easier than taking a pet with you, right? Not if you prepare and do a little research. Pet-friendly travel does have its own challenges, but here are some tips to make the most of your great big adventure together.

Purrfect tip #1

You may dream of hiking the Rockies with your dog, but first ask the vet if your pet’s health, age and obedience are up to it. Some dogs find constant change stressful.  

Purrfect tip #2

Update vaccinations for heartworm, Lyme disease (depending on your destination), rabies, distemper and kennel cough. If your dog takes medications, pack more than you need. Also consider pet insurance* to cover the unexpected.

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Purrfect tip #3

Confirm your pet-friendly accommodation has what you need – and they know exactly who’s coming to visit.  Some offer pet-sitting and enclosed runs, others allow pets if the rules are followed. Your CAA Travel Consultant can help plan a pet-friendly experience. Call 1-866-279-7790. 

Purrfect tip #4

How happy is your pet in the car? Take your furball out on a few excursions to make sure they enjoy the ride. Many pets experience car anxiety if their only regular trips are to the vet. 

A dog enjoys a pet-friendly car ride with it;s head out the car window

Purrfect tip #5

Your pet should be crate-trained before you go. Get expert advice when buying a leak-proof, ventilated, and comfortable crate. (Some pets may prefer a specialized pet seatbelt.) CAA has you covered for saving on all you need for your pet-friendly road trip. 

Purrfect tip #6

Do not take pets into wilderness areas off leash – your recall skills may be great, but there are poisonous plants, predators and dangerous terrains to consider. Always carry water as natural streams can contain agricultural runoff and tummy-upsetting bugs. If you get a dog backpack to share the load, the contents should not be more than one-third of their body weight.  

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