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5 Fun ways to spoil your pet

You know you shouldn’t do it…but you can’t help it. Every time you look into your pet’s eyes and every time his wagger goes into high gear when you get home, you just want to shower that floofy face with treats.

And why not? Your pet is your constant companion, a loyal buddy and your most enthusiastic fan. But rather than reaching for the treat container, try a few of these memory-making ways to spoil your four-footed friend.

Shop for a new toy

Remember when your parents brought you toy shopping? Your pet will feel just as stimulated by the new sights, smells and people. They can sniff around the shop for a new favourite or offer them a choice and note their body language. It’s a perfect moment to learn a little more about your dog’s personality.

Bake some homemade dog treats

Does your tail-wagger always perk up around food? If the way to their heart is through their stomach, bake homemade dog treats. The freshly made snacks are a delicious way to show you care. Plus, homemade treats can be healthy and as simple as slowly baking thin slices of washed, unpeeled sweet potato. Heat the oven to 250°F, place the slices on parchment paper and bake for 3 hours, flipping them over once.

Have a social meetup

As any dog owner could tell you, they know the names of the pets they see on their walks, but not necessarily that of their owners. Create a social playdate for your pupper (and a new friend moment for yourself) by scheduling a meetup at a local dog park. The puppers will enjoy the chance to run around and play together.

Travel buddies

With the abundance of pet-friendly hotels, there is no need to leave your dog behind the next time you go on vacation. Instead, you can go on a road trip to a new city and explore the nearby hiking trails together. Ask your CAA Travel Consultant to help you get a list of pet-friendly hotels. 

Build an obstacle course

Children aren’t the only ones who want a play zone. Consider building an outdoor obstacle course that mimics agility training. Your pooch will cherish racing through tunnels and climbing up ramps, and it is a great way to tire them out before bedtime.

Protect your pet

We love our pets and would do anything to keep them healthy and happy. CAA’s Pet Insurance provider Pets Plus Us can help remove the financial strain of medical visits.

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