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Caring for your feline family members

Picking between a vacation and caring for your beloved pet is a choice no one wants to face. Austin and Oslo are just two of the felines that have been part of Debbie’s family over the years. Initially, she did not always believe in pet insurance.

But, when her beloved grey and white cat Austin fell ill, she was faced with a dreadful choice. “His veterinary care cost as much as it cost us to go on an all-inclusive Mexican trip,”  Debbie recalls.

After both cats passed away from health issues, Debbie realized that pet insurance was a must-have. Not just for her peace of mind, but her pets’ well-being. “It was happening too often for us, where our kitties would get a terrible disease,” she says.

Between the frequency of illness and the cost, she realized she was creating an unnecessarily tough choice: choose between helping her critters or taking on financial hardship.

Protecting your feline friends

“I feel like having the insurance helps us to make better medical decisions,” Debbie says.  “Since we don’t have to worry about having to decide to go ahead with a lifesaving procedure, and that helps with the burden of not being able to afford it.”

Pet insurance was a big help with veterinary fees when another pet cat, Kona, ”cracked his front canine tooth in half,” followed by tongue cancer in 2021 in their other feline, Hilo. 

Sadly, Hilo only lived for a month after the diagnosis. “We decided that he was not going to live with this pain any longer and had him euthanized, which was also covered by the insurance because it was due to an illness.”

Now a pet insurance convert, Debbie preaches the message to anyone who’ll listen. “I tell all my friends and family to purchase it as soon as you get the pet and you won’t be sorry.”

Protect your furry friends (and your wallet)

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