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Working remotely? Here’s how to save on car insurance

It’s no surprise to many of us that the workforce has changed significantly since the spring of 2020 and more people are now working from home. According to a Gallup Survey from June 2022, 29% of remote-capable employees were working fully remote, versus 8% from 2019. There has also been an increase in hybrid workers to 49% from 32%. In-office work decreased from 60% down to 22% in summer 2022.  

Fewer on-site workdays mean less commuting and therefore less time spent driving your car. So, if your driving habits have changed, shouldn’t your car insurance premiums reflect that? CAA offers Canada’s only pay-as-you-go auto insurance plan, CAA MyPace™.  

What is MyPace and how much can you save? We spoke with Elliott Silverstein Director of Government Relations (Insurance) for CAA about how the MyPace program works and how Canadians can save if they’re driving shorter distances each year. 

The basics of CAA MyPace

What is CAA MyPace?

In 2018, CAA Insurance introduced Canada’s first and only pay-as-you-go auto insurance payment program, CAA MyPace. The program allows motorists to monitor how much they are driving and to pay for auto insurance based on that mileage.  

CAA Insurance is now providing greater savings by expanding access to those who drive less than 12,000 kilometres annually. Previously it was designed for those who drive less than 9,000 kilometres.

It may not sound like much, but an NRCan Vehicle Survey found that Ontarians drive an average of 16,000 kilometres a year. If you’re a low-kilometre driver, CAA MyPace makes a lot of sense. 

How does it work?

Once you enroll in CAA MyPace, you will pay your base rate plus your first 1,000 kilometres. Then you’ll install the CAA MyPace device in your car and download the app to your smartphone. You just log into the app or your CAA Account online to monitor your usage. 

Once you’ve used your first 1,000 kilometres, we’ll automatically reload another 1,000 kilometres to your account. 

What kind of savings do you people usually see?

The amount of savings depends on how far you drive and if you stay under the 12,000-kilometre range. On average, people are saving up to 50% over what they’d pay using traditional auto insurance policies. 

You can get an estimate of how much you’d save by going to and use the slider. For example, if you drive 6,000 kilometres a year, you’d save up to 25% with the program.  You can also opt-out at any time. 

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Cost of living and driving habits

Cost of living and inflation are always making headlines. What tips does CAA have to help drivers save?

I always recommend that people check out the CAA Gas Price Tool – it’ll tell you the average price of gas in Ontario cities and how much it has increased in the recent past. 

You can also save on gas with driving habits that reduce fuel consumption, such as properly inflating your tires, reducing your reliance on air conditioning, anticipating other drivers and smoothly increasing and decreasing speeds to stop. 

CAA Members also save 3 cents a litre at the pump at participating Shell stations across Ontario. 

The new hybrid work models have led to a low-mileage lifestyle. How is that changing our driving behaviour?

There is no doubt that we’re driving less and that studies are showing people are happier with their work-life balance. A Cisco study found that 76% of people claim they save money through a combination of office and remote work. 

The study also found that 53% of people reduced their commute or weren’t commuting at all. We’re spending less time in traffic congestion, so there’s less wear on our vehicles. But that also means that we need to pay a bit more attention to our cars. If we’re driving less, we need to ensure that fluids and tire pressure are regularly checked, and that the battery is cycled regularly. 

CAA MyPace is for those who drive less than 12,000 kilometres a year. How do you calculate annual mileage?

Some people only drive on the weekends versus others who commute every day to work. This can lead to a huge difference in how much you drive annually.  

To calculate annual mileage, figure out your commute and weekend kilometres. Google your commute distance one way, double that, and then multiply the number of days. For example – if you drive 60 kilometres one way to work, that’s 120 kilometres per day. Multiply that by 5 days per week and it totals 600 kilometres per week.  

If you are working hybrid, reduce the number of days per week. Don’t forget to add in your weekend trips, trips to get groceries and annual holidays. To find your annual mileage, multiply weekly mileage by 52 (the number of weeks in a year). 

The benefits of getting CAA insurance

What’s the biggest benefit of getting CAA Insurance?

CAA Members can save up to 20%* on insurance with our competitive rates. 

Another benefit is Forgive and Forget® which protects your driving record and rate after your first at-fault accident.On average, CAA MyPace policyholders save 50 percent on their auto insurance costs compared to a traditional policy.

Where do we sign up?  

A licensed CAA Insurance Agent can check that you’re getting the benefits and savings you deserve. Call 1-888-545-7254 or visit us online at   

A licensed agent will review your driving history and other details to provide you with the coverage you need and some savings opportunities. 

* To qualify for the discount you must be a current CAA Member in good standing (CAA Membership dues paid in full by membership expiry date). The Everyday Members save 5% (all the other memberships save 20%). Underwriting eligibility rules apply.  

Auto Insurance is underwritten by CAA Insurance Company. Certain conditions, exclusions and underwriting eligibility rules apply. Vehicle compatibility and enrolment in CAA MyPace payment program is subject to terms and conditions. 

®/™ CAA trademarks are owned by, and use is authorized by, the Canadian Automobile Association. 

®Forgive and Forget is a trademark owned by CAA Insurance Company. 

© 2023 CAA Insurance Company. 

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