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How to avoid impulse buying and save money

Have you heard of the latest shopping trend? It’s called “intentional shopping,” and a whopping two-thirds of Canadians are practicing it to avoid impulse buying, according to a 2022 study by Interac.

Curious to know more? You aren’t the only one feeling the pinch financially. The 2022 MNP Consumer Debt Index found that “the average Canadian has less disposable income overall as they pay more for life’s necessities.”

With 76% of Canadians stressing over money, according to the Angus Reid Institute, it’s a great time to adjust your shopping habits. Here are our top tips and tricks to keep more save more of your cash.

Plan your shopping trips in advance

Avoid driving more than you need to by planning your shopping trips in advance. Chances are you will need to visit different parts of town to get all the items on your list.

Make sure you know what you need from each store in a particular area before you head out, and if you don’t need to get an item right away, wait until you have another errand near there. Not only will you save on gas and time, but the wait may make you realize that you can live without that item, after all.

If you do end up purchasing it, the pause is likely to make you more satisfied with your purchase, according to Interac’s study. Moreover, reducing how much you drive can help you save. Did you know you can control your monthly insurance costs by driving within a 12,000km a year range with Canada’s only pay-as-you go payment program called CAA MyPace™? On average, CAA MyPace™ policy holders save up to 50% compared to a traditional auto insurance policy. 

Make a list and stick to it

We know you’ve probably heard this before, but there is a good reason for it. List-making helps you stay on track at the store and avoid temptation. It also gives you an opportunity to review the sales in advance so that you can take advantage of the best prices.

If making a list feels like a chore, turn it into an enjoyable task—sit down with a coffee in your favourite mug or turn on some music you love while you browse the fliers.

Consider grocery delivery

Ordering groceries online is a simple way to avoid the impulse buying trap. It is also a great option to ensure you aren’t buying things you already have because you can check your pantry while adding items to your cart. Plus, if you live in Ottawa, CAA Members get free delivery with when you enter their Membership number at checkout.

Do you really need it?

Get into the habit of always asking yourself whether you really need an item. Is there a less expensive alternative that you can consider? Swap it out. Once you create the habit, the savings will grow!

Looking to save money while you shop online?

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