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Bouclair’s new patio collection is inspired by Bali and Fiji, and here are our top picks 

Do you wish that your backyard patio felt more like an escape? Your home should feel like a place of comfort and peace, including outdoor spaces. Transport your terrace or deck to the tropics and create a personal oasis with Bouclair’s new Fiji and Bali-inspired patio collections.  

The two sets have an exotic feel with rich, organic textures and could be designed together to complement a space. You could easily mix and match products to elevate your patio. The natural hues and two-toned accessories of the Fiji collection, along with the lush patterns and accents of vibrant green from the Bali collection will turn your yard into an island paradise. 

From the Bali Collection

Acapulco Outdoor Chair

Bouclair patio

Leaning back and relaxing in this classic Acapulco chair will make you feel like you should be on a deck overlooking the water or on a veranda surrounded by rainforest trees. It comes in three colours; black, natural and green so that it can fit in with a wide variety of patio decor. The supportive strings and pear shape make it look sleek and comfortable without needing a cushion.  


Tropical Leaves Printed Round Tray

Bouclair tray

Serve food and drinks with some flair by using this tray as both a functional and decorative piece. It can instantly add a tropical feeling to your patio table, and you can grab matching pillows and placemats of the same print. The diameter is slightly smaller than the side tables featured in the collections, so it fits perfectly on the tabletops.


Natural Fiber Round Placemat

Bouclair placemat

Tie together your outdoor dining setting with this textured placemat. The neutral colour adds to the tropical, beachy atmosphere but you can also buy it in black, or a similar placemat in green. Not only does it look good, but it will also help protect your table from food scraps; just shake off the crumbs after a meal. 


From the Fiji Collection

Woven Candle Lantern

Bouclair lantern

Warm up the feel of your outdoor space with this black, bohemian-style lantern. The woven structure of natural fibres matches the material of the fibre round placements and the look of the Acapulco chairs. You can add any candle of your choice for the desired scent and ambiance that will take you from sunny days to starlit evenings. 


Welcome Doormat

Bouclair welcome mat

Make your doorway seem inviting and keep some dirt outside with this stylish mat. The palm leaf on the mat keeps the tropical vibe continuous, with the black accents matching the furniture and other décor. There is also a French version, the ‘Bienvenue Doormat’ in the opposite colour pattern.  


Two-Tone Tropical Decorative Throw Pillow

Bouclair patio collection

Add this fun throw pillow to make your patio area seem cozier and inviting, while maintaining the island atmosphere. The palm leaf print matches with anything else in the collections, plus you’ll find a placemat, candle and other pillows of the same design. It’s machine washable so dirt isn’t a problem.  


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