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Channelling inner calmness

Amid life’s chaos, it can be hard to hit pause and be present in the moment. That’s where meditation comes in. “It’s a way to slow down and gain perspective,” says Joanna Marra, CAA Club Group’s wellness consultant. Among the other benefits are reduced stress, lowered blood pressure, decreased anxiety and improved sleep. And you can do it almost anywhere at any time. 

Here are a few meditation tips from Marra to get started.


man mediating
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  1. Choose a space that’s comfortable and free of distractions.  
  2. “Let your thoughts come and go like clouds floating. Then bring attention back to the breath and what is happening in the body,” Marra says. 
  3. Don’t worry if your mind drifts. Meditation is about calming your mind, redirecting and focusing your thoughts. It may take time to learn how to do that. 
  4. Alternatively, try guided meditation with a narrator. Apps such as Headspace, Calm and Aura offer options with varying session lengths and different soothing music or sounds.
  5. Begin with five minutes, gradually building up to 10. 

Getting zen

Create a soothing space with a cushion or a scented candle from CAA Rewards® partners, such as Bouclair, Simons and Visit 

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