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Coaches Clips: Pre-season with Ottawa REDBLACKS Head Coach Bob Dyce

As football season kicks off in Ottawa, there’s a special buzz in the air marking the 10th anniversary of the Ottawa REDBLACKS.  

In a recent interview, CAA chatted with Head Coach, Bob Dyce, to learn about his coaching career, his favourite team moment in the last decade and much more. With an impressive career that boasts two Grey Cup championships, including in Ottawa in 2016, Coach Dyce brings a wealth of experience to the REDBLACKS. 

From armchair coaches to fans in the stands, football has the power to unite us – and spark passionate conversations. To celebrate the REDBLACKS 10th anniversary, football super fan Jeff Walker (and CAA North & East Ontario’s CEO and President) sits down with REDBLACKS coaches to ask the big questions before each game throughout the 2024 season.  

What leads you from being a wide receiver at the University of Manitoba to becoming head coach in the CFL?

Obviously, not being good enough to have a long-playing career to do something after university.  

The great thing about sports is you always know that people always give them their time for you to be successful as an athlete, such as my high school basketball coach, Brian Thompson. I don’t know if I would have gotten through high school without him.    

And then I started coaching. I did one year of minor football and then started coaching with Brian Dobie at the University of Manitoba and did that for eight years. We have met numerous kids and still see them on the road.  

From there, I had under a year of guest coaching appearances with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. They liked what they saw, and that was it. I’ve been at it for 23 years straight now.   


How many years have you been with the REDBLACKS?

It will be my eighth year in Ottawa. It’s my longest stretch 

What do you look forward to going to the training camp each year?

The greatest thing that you’re excited about is the opportunity. We bring in 100 players trying to work their best to be part of something. You know, we are excited about this season, and we know that it will be special. Getting these men and working with my staff to achieve something special this season excites me.  

Your son Tristan is coaching for the BC Lions. Did you give him any advice on how to be a great coach?

I’m very proud of Tristan. He’s the running back coach in British Columbia for his fourth season. And it’s great because it’s brought a different level to our relationship; we’re very close.  

Like his old man, he was a football player at the University of Manitoba. But when discussing what it takes to be successful, I always tell him it’s the players. All they want you to do is help them become successful. So, when he’s holding skills and everything else; he needs to do it with them in mind because they want to help them get to the next level. It’s about putting the players first and hard work. 


Are there any free agents that the team has signed that you're particularly keen to get on the field and see how they can help?

I’m excited to see them all. We look at the at the quarterback spot. We have Dru Brown coming over from Winnipeg. It would be a fantastic addition to our quarterback room, and I am looking forward to seeing him with the opportunity to lead the A-Team as the guy this year.   

When you look at the top free agents we signed, they are from teams with a little bit of winning history.  

Dominique Rhymes from the BC Lions. Dom and I have a history from his time here, and the energy and enthusiasm he brings are exceptional. He’s a great leader, so I’m also excited about him.   

And then Adarius Pickett from Toronto, another guy from a successful program. Adarius is a guy who is much more. He is the defensive player of the year, but he’s out there bringing the energy every single day.  

Those are the type of guys that that we want to have, they’re fantastic leaders.   

What is your favourite REDBLACKS moment from the last ten years?

I was blessed to come to Ottawa in 2016. The REDBLACKS had been in the 2015 Grey Cup and regrettably hadn’t finished it. Coach Campbell brought me to Ottawa, and we went through a great year, but we had to fight through and make it to that Grey Cup.   

We got off to a fast start and won overtime. That’s the goal every year. Another favourite moment was the parade we had at Lansdowne. Those are the two biggest things I have experienced during my time here in Ottawa. 

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