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What does your morning coffee say about you?

Have you ever thought about what your coffee says about you? We can be very particular about how we enjoy our coffee; those preferences have some things in common with our personalities.

From having complex drink orders to whether you like your coffee hot or iced, your morning brew can say a lot about your personality or how you see the world around you. While there is limited scientific research into how your coffee can define you, psychologists and researchers have found correlations. Experts note that these similarities are not concrete facts, but findings drawn from small studies or behavioural observations that are fun to consider.

Psychologist Ramani Durvasula surveyed 1,000 people on their coffee preferences and personality traits ahead of her 2013 book You are why you eat: Change your food attitude, change your life. Durvasula notes some correlations between personality traits and how people enjoy their coffee. 

In collaboration with UK coffee retailer Coffee Friend, Darren Stanton, a body language and behavioural expert, has also weighed in on what your morning coffee may say about you. Like Durvasula’s study, Stanton’s findings are not definitive, and his opinions are based on his behavioural expert experience. But that doesn’t mean the correlations aren’t interesting.   

So, how do you take your morning coffee?

This quiz is for entertainment purposes only. 

Classic drip coffee drinker

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Those who stick to a classic drip coffee are typically considered reliable, hard-working, and straightforward.   

When drinking a classic hot coffee versus iced coffee, plant-based coffee creamer Califia Farms has all the answers. Califia Farms commissioned a study of 2,000 American coffee drinkers to learn more about what your coffee temperature preferences say about java lovers. The study found that hot coffee drinkers tend to be more open and extroverted. 

They may also have a more optimistic opinion about the people around them. A 2008 study by Yale University psychologists found that people who held a warm cup of coffee found others more generous and caring.  

For those who prefer their drip coffee black, Stanton says you like simple things and may be a bit single-minded. You’re probably practical and a no-nonsense type of person. You may be a bit old school and set in your ways. Or, you may have your health in mind and are cautious of adding extra dairy or sugars into your diet, Stanton notes.   

Iced coffee aficionado

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If you can’t start your day without an iced coffee, you are most likely a go-getter with a busy lifestyle. Durvasula’s survey found that ice coffee drinkers are often bold and spontaneous. They have a unique and independent personality, with a love for innovation and pushing boundaries.   

Stanton notes that those who opt for an iced coffee, even during the colder months, are independent and often want things done in their own way. They are imaginative and inventive and don’t want no for an answer. The Califia Farms study showed that ice coffee drinkers can be more introverted than those who prefer hot coffee, and they love the adventure of travelling and experiencing new things.   

Iced coffee drinkers are refreshing and invigorating to be around. However, it’s important to slow down and not constantly seek out new experiences but appreciate the ones you already have. 

Latte lover

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If you prefer a creamy and indulgent latte in the morning, you are someone who values comfort and relaxation. Your love for sweeter drinks reflects your nurturing nature and desire to care for others. You may also have a creative side with an eye for aesthetics, as lattes often come with beautiful latte art.   

According to Durvasula, latte lovers are helpful, open and generous. If you love a morning latte, you may be a people pleaser who can often get caught up in the wants and needs of others. Stanton notes that a latte is a simple coffee and indicates the kind of person who appreciates simple pleasures, is agreeable and is more than happy to go with the flow.   

As a latte lover, you may love to help those around you, but you also need to try and stand up for yourself more. While you may enjoy pampering yourself, it’s important to prioritize self-care and not neglect your needs while caring for others. 

Decaf drinker

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For those who opt for decaf, their coffee choice indicates that they prioritize health and wellness. Decaf drinkers tend to be more health-conscious and mindful of their caffeine intake. They may also be more sensitive to the effects of caffeine and prefer to avoid it altogether. 

Durvasula’s survey reveals that decaf drinkers tend to be a perfectionist and a bit controlling. According to Stanton, you may not be a risk taker but are cautious and prefer to avoid surprises.   

Espresso connoisseur

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Espresso drinkers are sophisticated and refined individuals. They appreciate the finer things in life, tend to be more ambitious, have a strong work ethic and are always looking for ways to achieve their goals.   

Stanton sees espresso drinkers as adventurous and powerful but also as no-nonsense people. If you prefer an espresso in the morning, you know what you want and aren’t afraid to ask for it. You get straight to the point regarding your morning caffeine boost and don’t need to overcomplicate a good coffee. 

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