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What does your door colour say about you?

Are you a secret introvert or a dance-on-the-tables extrovert? Do you consider yourself free-spirited or organized and strait-laced? However you see yourself, chances are that long before a visitor crosses your threshold, they’ll already know plenty about you – because of the colour of your front door.   

After all, we frequently use colour to describe everything from our emotions to the value of things around us. White indicates purity while black can be negative. We “see red” when we’re angry and “feel blue” when we’re down.  

But the colour we chose for our front doors is entirely a reflection of how we see ourselves, whether we pick a sunny and cheerful yellow or a stately and sombre navy blue. Choosing one over the other not only describes who we are but what we want the world around us to think about us, too.  

What does your door colour say about you? Let’s find out.

white front door
Dillon Kydd | Unsplash

White: You may have a white door because you just never got around to painting the builder’s grade door you had when you moved in, but white is a powerful way to say you value simplicity, purity and clarity. You likely value organization and serenity in your surroundings. 


modern front door
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Black: Are you a take charge person who has a strong sense of style? Your confidence shows in your choice of black front door, which symbolizes elegance and sophistication. According to one study, a dark grey or jet-black door can also increase the perceived value of your home. 

TriggerPhoto | iStock

Blue: Depending on the shade and hue, blue can symbolise purity, calm and peace or prosperity and positivity. Light blues evoke the sky and ocean, as well as peace and calm. Dark or navy blue can mean you’re well-grounded, sincere and successful but not showy.

orange front door
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Orange: An orange door means you’re up for any kind of fun, as long as you’re surrounded by vibrant, lively people. You love taking on new challenges and striking out in a bold new direction. 

red front door
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Red: Whether you have a carmine, brick or cherry-coloured door, you want the world to know that you live life to the fullest, you’re outgoing and adore the spotlight. If you have a darker red tone, you are also warm and vibrant. 

pink front door
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Pink: Fearless and fun, people with pink front doors aren’t afraid to make a statement. Your home can be seen as warm and full of positive energy, as pink is often associated with hope and joy. 

Gray front door
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 Gray: Are you indecisive? A gray door says so. Like a Libra, you may feel happiest when seeking compromise solutions, but you’re no pushover. Gray is also the colour of intelligence and dignity. 


SondraP | iStock

Green: Long associated with money, health and community, green is also a great door colour for those who value tradition but are ambitious. 

yellow front door
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Yellow: Cheery, confident and screaming creativity, a yellow front door is as warm and welcoming as your personality. Yellow tells the world that those living here have a positive attitude, are curious, compassionate and full of good humour.  

purple front door
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Purple: Probably the most unusual choice for a front door, purple can indicate either regal attitudes or spirituality. Whether it’s lavender or puce, a purple door says you are not entirely concerned with what people think about you.

brown front door
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Brown: Are you as solid, warm and stable as wood? If you chose this colour for your front door, visitors will likely find you to be welcoming, trustworthy, kind and sweet natured. 

Front door, back door

If you’re wondering about the colour for your back or side door, experts recommend a different shade or tone to distinguish the main entry from any other.  

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