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What does your favourite flower say about you?

Choosing the right flower arrangement can be tricky, especially since flower types and colours are meaningful.   

The meaning and language of flowers have been around for years, with the symbolism of flowers having essential roles in plays from ancient civilizations. Flowers even play a part in mythologies, folklore and creation stories worldwide. You can say anything and celebrate anything through flowers.   

Whether you’re buying flowers for your friends and family, your partner or yourself, here are some popular flowers and their meanings.   


Several red roses are beautifully arranged in a glass vase ready to be delivered to customers order in a flower shop.
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Roses are a classic flower and are a stunning addition to any bouquet or arrangement. The flower symbolizes romance, love and appreciation. The hopeless romantics in your life will love the classic and timeless nature of a bouquet of roses.   

Beyond what the flower symbolizes, the different rose colours have different meanings. A red rose is for love and romance. Yellow roses represent friendship and joy, and pink roses symbolize gratitude and appreciation. 


Pink peonies
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Peonies are flowers that symbolize prosperity, good fortune, bashfulness, honour and romance. Peonies are a stunning focal point for any bouquet and are the perfect flower to celebrate the thoughtful and compassionate people in your life. They are also a great way to wish your loved one good fortune and prosperity. Peonies make an excellent gift for the positive people in your life with refined tastes. As a symbol of good fortune and prosperity, peonies are a great flower to celebrate a loved one’s hard work and dedication. 


Generally, daisies symbolize joy and beauty, but the different species have different meanings. Chamomile flowers are seen to represent joy and positivity and are also symbols of peace and calmness. Colourful gerbera daisies mean cheerfulness and are perfect in a bouquet to celebrate your loved ones. A bouquet of daisies is ideal for your loved ones who are optimistic and full of joy. Reflect their happy nature with flowers that spark joy like daisies. 


couple holding tulips

Tulips are the perfect gift when looking for a bouquet that speaks of elegance and grace. These classic flowers have been loved by people for centuries and are celebrated for their vibrant colours that pop up in the spring. Tulips are the perfect flower to give to someone you love deeply. Tulips also signify a time of growth and change since they bloom at the beginning of the spring, making them a fantastic flower for someone starting a new chapter or adventure.   

Consider the colours to get more specific with the meaning of a tulip bouquet. Choose red tulips for love and romance. Or pick pink tulips for caring and happiness and yellow for cheerful thoughts. To symbolize luxury, select purple, whose rich colours suggest wealth and royalty.   


sun giving flowers to mother

Choose the carnation if you want a flower to represent love and devotion. These flowers are the perfect flower for those who appreciate beauty in simplicity. These flowers are also thought to symbolize a mother’s unconditional love, making them the ideal gift for the moms in your life. Choose red carnations for admiration and affection or white carnations for pure love and good luck.   


Florist woman making a bouquet of fresh flowers in a flower shop
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The sunny nature of sunflowers makes them the perfect cheerful bouquet. The bright yellow petals of the sunflower speak to meanings of happiness and adoration. Sunflowers are great for the fun and extroverted people in your life whose good moods are infectious. Plus, due to sunflower’s long blooming periods, they are thought to signify a long life and lasting happiness.   


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Orchids are flowers with a rare and delicate beauty. These flowers represent beauty, charm and love. These flowers also stand for fertility and childbirth, making them a great gift for the new parents in your life. Choose pink orchids as a sign of pure affection, grace and happiness, or red orchids to symbolize determination and courage. Yellow orchids mean friendship and joy, the perfect colour to celebrate your friends.   


Bouquet of purple irises in a clear glass vase on a linen tablecloth on a wooden table by the window in a modern bright kitchen against a blurred background

Many flowers have mythological origins, and the iris is no different. The flower shares its name with the Greek goddess, who links heaven and earth. These flowers speak to ideas of passion and creativity, as well as hope, wisdom and trust. Blue irises are symbols of faith and trust, and white irises symbolize purity and new beginnings


Like tulips, daffodils are among the first to bloom after the winter. These early spring flowers symbolize new beginnings, rebirth, good luck, and prosperity, making them the perfect flower for anyone starting a new chapter in their life. Daffodils symbolize hope and joy with their colourful petals and trumpet-like shape. Just be sure your bouquet has multiple daffodils, as a single daffodil is thought to bring bad luck.   


Woman Sitting on the Bed and Reading the Note She Got with the Flowers
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As another spring bloom, lilies mean refined beauty and rebirth. They are a stunning addition to any bouquet and have a range of colours that reflect different meanings. Pink lilies symbolize felinity and adoration and are the perfect gift for your close friends. Choose red lilies for love and passion or purple lilies for elegance. Yellow lilies symbolize joy and friendship, and orange lilies are love and passion.   

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