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5 Places to visit in Spain that aren’t Barcelona

Are you wondering what places to visit in Spain? While you’ll want to see the landmark La Sagrada Familia and the colourful mosaics in Park Guell, there is more to see than just Barcelona.

There are tons of other vibrant cities you won’t want to miss. Here are six must-see spots you’ll want to add to your vacation itinerary.

Places to visit in Spain


The magnificent Alcázar de Segovia is Segovia, Spain
Diego Allen | Unsplash

Disney-fans, you won’t want to miss Segovia. The magnificent Alcázar de Segovia looks like a real-life fairytale castle. It is believed that Walt Disney was inspired by this castle and Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany when designing Cinderella’s castle. When comparing the two buildings, it is easy to see the similarities.

The city is also famous for its well-preserved Roman Aqueduct. The engineering masterpiece is a UNESCO World Heritage site that you’ll want to see for yourself.


Sunset view of the Cathedral of St Mary of the Sea in Seville
Henrique Ferreira | Unsplash

From watching flamenco dancing to exploring the pastel-coloured plazas, there is so much to experience in Seville. The city is famous for its flamenco culture, and you can often hear Spanish guitar music in the streets.

One star attraction is the Santa Maria de la Sede, the largest Gothic cathedral in the world. But you also will want to see the impressive golden tower (Torre del Oro Tower) and Setas de Sevilla, the largest wooden structure in the world.


Cobblestone strees in Ibiza, Spain
Belinda Fewings | Unsplash

Ibiza is best known for its beach parties and exciting nightlife. But this slice of paradise is more than non-stop parties. There is something for everyone. Here you can also enjoy a relaxing day on a gorgeous beach next to the sea, visit the street markets or explore laid-back small towns.


Views of the buildings at sunset in Valencia, Spain
Jonny James | Unsplash

If your favourite part of travelling is trying delicious food, make sure to see Valencia. Valencia’s central market is the largest market with fresh produce in Europe. The port city is also the birth place of paella, which you’ll want to try for yourself.

Spain’s third-largest city also boasts urban beaches, the Valencia Cathedral where you can see the Holy Grail, and the Silk Exchange Market.


Multi-coloured in Madrid, Spain
Juan Gomez | Unsplash

Madrid is the perfect blend of rich culture and nightlife. It is home to the impressive Royal Palace,with over 3000 rooms. Along with the iconic Plaza Mayor, which has tons of shops and bars. 

You’ll also want to have your camera ready to photograph the popular Bear and the Strawberry Tree statue in Puerta del Sol.

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