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5 Reasons savvy travellers are using travel agencies more than ever

After two years of COVID travel restrictions, Canadians are eager to explore the globe again. And having gone through the upheaval of flight cancellations, lost baggage and underwhelming service, savvy travellers are using travel agencies more than ever. 

According to J.D. Power’s North America Airport Satisfaction Study, travel is back to nearly pre-pandemic levels, and in 2022 people are facing “fewer flights, more crowded terminals and sparse food and beverage offerings.”  

In response to the current airport situation, more people are seeking expert advice for their next getaway. CAA North & East Ontario has seen a 126% increase in bookings using travel consultants in 2022 compared to 2021. 

If you are already dreaming about your next vacation, here are five reasons to use a travel agency (especially a CAA Travel Consultant!) for your next trip. 

You'll save money

Travel agencies have access to pricing, deals, and offers you may not find by yourself online. In addition, they are experts in the industry and can recommend less-expensive alternatives while still giving you the vacation of your dreams. From guiding you to off-season travel to connecting you with suppliers offering more value for your dollar, you’ll get added experiences for long-lasting memories. 

There’s ready help if something goes wrong

Say you’re sitting in a European airport waiting for your flight home, and suddenly, your flight gets cancelled. Without a travel consultant, panic about what to do might kick in.  

But when you have a travel consultant, they’ll handle the details. They come in handy before you leave and work tirelessly during your trip, so you always have someone in your corner working to make your vacation effortless. 

You will get the right travel insurance

Even if you have coverage from your group plans or credit cards, a travel consultant can review your policy and find any gaps in your coverage. While they’re booking your trip, they’ll recognize any activities you’ll be doing and ensure you’re covered no matter what.  

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You don’t get an off-the-rack itinerary

Travel consultants get to know you and your travel party so they can recommend destinations, tours, and cruises you will be sure to enjoy. They have travelled the world, learning the ins and outs of destinations and travel partners intimately, allowing them to offer you first-hand experiences and reviews.  

Are you passionate about eating local cuisine or hiking to waterfalls? Travel agencies have all the tools accessible to curate a unique travel experience, no matter where you’re going.

You’ll be kept informed about current travel advisories

It can be time-consuming to stay current on the latest travel advice and advisories worldwide. Travel consultants are experts in this field and will inform you about what advisories are in place at your destination.  

Our travel consultants are also CAA Travel SMART Certified, giving them the tools to navigate current policies and what to do in case of an emergency abroad. 

CAA Travel Consultants are here to help you before and during your trip. Start planning today by contacting a CAA Travel Consultant or visiting a CAA Store. Plus, with your CAA Membership, you’ll be saving up to 20% on CAA Travel Insurance. 

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