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6 Reasons a group departure is better

If you’re daydreaming about your next epic adventure, but don’t want to think about planning the details, a group departure may be the perfect fit. Whether you’re looking to meet new travel buddies or are planning a getaway with old friends, group vacations have a variety of destination and excursion options. There are also hidden benefits, ensuring it will be a holiday you’ll never forget. 

You can join in on all-new group departures and trip experiences with Together. Groups by CAA Travel. With expertly created itineraries, these vacations are packed with perks only members can access. So, are you considering a group trip? Jeff Walker, CAA North and East Ontario’s President and CEO, along with our expert travel consultants, share six benefits of choosing group travel.   

You can take advantage of group pricing and perks

When you travel on a group departure, you can take advantage of one-of-a-kind tours that you can’t find anywhere else. Plus, many attractions offer reduced rates for large groups, and many costs are included in the itinerary, so you don’t need to worry about endless add-on fees throughout the journey. 

President and CEO of CAA North and East Ontario, Jeff Walker tells us, “You get the advantage of a little bit of scale. Sometimes a unique tour in a certain place doesn’t really work if it’s only two people, but if it’s ten people or a dozen, it works very well.” 

CAA has worldwide partners that will give you access to curated adventures that you can’t find with every travel company out there. With a group departure, you can enjoy experiences like a private tour of the majestic Versailles Castle or a gorgeous Tuscan Winery with exclusive add-ons, such as early booking bonuses. At some attractions, you’ll even be able to skip the lines as a group, making it easier and faster to enjoy your destination.  

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Stress-free trip planning

“The stress-free aspect of it is a wonderful thing. If you’re going to be part of a group trip, it’s so nice for someone to curate it for you and to be able to have it handed over,” says Walker.  

Organizing a vacation can be stressful. From deciding where to visit to the best travel insurance coverage, there is a lot of planning involved. When you book a group trip you skip the hassle of arranging what to do, where to stay, and how to get around, by trusting the experts. Every detail of the trip is taken care of for you.  

What does that mean exactly? CAA Travel Consultants, for example, will be with members from the start of the booking to their homecoming and will be available every step along the way. Everything is looked after, all the planning and booking, so you can simply show up and focus on enjoying your vacation. If you need help finding the right travel insurance, agents can also assist with that. 

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Enjoy one-of-a-kind experiences

Prepare to have bragging rights, because you’ll be enjoying a curated holiday created by travel experts. CAA’s group departures are not off-the-rack itineraries, but a unique adventure that is truly yours. There are experiences like an unforgettable dinner at the Eiffel Tour overlooking Paris or private excursions on a partnered cruise line.  

These offerings are thanks to strong relationships with trusted travel partners (cruises, airlines and tour offices) around the world. When booking where there is already an established travel network, it unlocks exceptional service that you can expect throughout your journey.  

“It’s always tricky when you’ve got multi-generations of people, to try and figure out what to do… My family cycled down the Kettle Valley Railway… everybody from literally [ages] eight to 80 came down that trail with us,” Walker remembers, “That was just a wonderful thing that we did as a group, and it was recommended by CAA.” 

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There’s safety in numbers

You can rest easy knowing that there is someone else thinking about the little details and precautions. A group trip means that a trusted tour guide takes care of you every step of the way. Sure, some destinations are safer than others, but with a trained guide and a like-minded group of people, you can feel comfortable travelling anywhere in the world.  

You’ll be met at the airport with a smile and escorted directly to your hotel on the CAA group departures; one more thing you don’t need to worry about. Plus, there is a key focus on communication. The tour company and leaders do their best to check for delays or interruptions that may occur and make sure to update travellers. 

Ideal for solo travellers

Flying solo doesn’t mean you have to be alone. For the independent vacationers, a group departure is a great balance between doing what you want while having others to enjoy the journey with. 

“We get to bring together groups of 15 to 20 of these folks that are solo travellers, and they get to make some whole new friends while they get to enjoy some great places,” states Walker.  

A recent travel intention survey indicated that almost 18 percent of CAA Members prefer travelling solo. A group departure means you get to enjoy your independence, all while meeting new people and making new friends. CAA travel agents have seen members who made lifelong friendships after a solo tour and continue to book trips together. Plus, you can feel safe on your independent adventure because you will be with others.  

Another bonus is that unlike many other solo tour groups, with CAA solo departures, you don’t have to pay a single supplement for not having two guests in a room. 

You’ll come home with new memories and friendships

Group tours bring people together to make lasting memories with new connections. When you travel with a company that has the details planned and trusted travel partners, you’re not only enjoying a unique itinerary, but you’re also sightseeing with a community. You’ll meet like-minded travellers to share everything from photos to inside jokes and can create new friendships that will last beyond your return flight landing. Maybe that even means new vacation buddies to embark on your next adventure with. 

Book your group departure today

Plan a trip that’s perfect for you with CAA. Our trusted travel consultants will be with you every step of the way. For more information about group departures, book an appointment with one of our trusted CAA Travel Consultants or visit us online. 

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