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A Madagascar dream vacation come true

Want to take the stress out of planning your dream vacation? CAA Member Beth G has always wanted to visit Madagascar. So, when the time was right, she headed to CAA Sudbury to book her dream tour of the island country. With the help of Travel Consultant Tracy Therrien, Beth and her partner Neal booked a 12-day trip from Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar, called 1000 Views of Madagascar with Jenman African Safaris.  

On their 12-day excursion, Beth and Neal saw Lemurs, birds, and orchids at the Natural Reserve of Andasibe. They travelled past forests and lakes and Merina Villages in the Ankaratra Mountains. In Ranomafana National Park, Beth and Neal wandered through the rainforest to see lemurs and chameleons.  

Tracey Therrien made Beth’s dream vacation a reality, and the experience of working with CAA is something Beth highly recommends. So, we spoke to Beth about her trip to Madagascar.  

Rice terraces and Merina villages along the National Route 7 South of Tananarivo, Madagascar
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Why did you book your trip with CAA?

We booked with CAA to have a reliable resource and advocate in case of issues like flight delays or cancellations while travelling in Madagascar. 

Tracy Therrien was very diligent in researching the various available tours and recommended a perfect tour centred around hiking and viewing lemurs in their natural habitat.   

Madagascar: Ring-Tailed Lemur in Isalo National Park
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Why did you pick Madagascar? When did you go?

Madagascar has interested me since I was a child, and the lemurs were a huge draw for us. We went in October when the lemur babies were around two to four months old, and we were excited to see them. The variety of animals and vegetation native to Madagascar also piqued my interest. Plus, with habitat destruction endangering the animals and natural beauty of this country, tourism may provide an incentive to protect the land and the animals.  

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What moment would you want to relive?

The local guides advised one another where the lemurs could be found in the dense rainforest. We saw a dozen lemurs eat, play on the ground, and jump from tree to tree from five meters away. It was very special to have that unique opportunity.  

How was your experience?

We loved Madagascar and would recommend visiting the island country to anyone. The highlight for us was the lemurs. Over a hundred species of lemurs call Madagascar home, and we were able to see six species.  

The local people were very friendly and easygoing, and the food was delicious with its French influence.  

Our accommodation was beautiful and comfortable. The breakfasts included were very generous, the restaurants at the hotels were incredibly good, and dinners were reasonably priced. Most had pools and massage services available too! 

Lush primeval forests, Ranomafana (hot water in Malagasy) National Park, Madagascar
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Who would enjoy this trip?

We recommend Madagascar to anyone interested in nature and urge them to do it sooner rather than later! 

Do you recommend using a CAA Travel Consultant?

Yes, we would use CAA again, and recommend them for enjoyable and stress-free travel. Having an experienced consultant available to answer questions and turn to any issues gives peace of mind. 

 I would request Tracy Therrien specifically as she was very thorough and easy to work with.  


This interview has been edited for clarity.

Travel with peace of mind

When booking your dream vacation, you want to make sure nothing goes wrong. A CAA Travel Consultant is always on your side and can help you every step of the way when planning a trip. Visit us online to speak with a trusted CAA Travel Consultant today.

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