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Benefits of travelling during the off-season 

What’s not to love about a summer vacation? A lot, actually. Travelling during the peak tourist season often means hotels and accommodations are more expensive and less available, while attractions are jam-packed with other tourists. Consider taking a holiday during the off-season for an overall better experience.   

“It is a quieter time, with fewer tourists, and tends to be a little less expensive. When in a destination, the locals love seeing you because it’s quiet. They are more willing to engage with you,” says CAA Travel Consultant Rachel Lalonde, “It might also be easier to get the time off from work when making requests as not everyone is asking for the same time as you.”  

Travel agent Ola El-Arab agrees, “I just came back from Greece, and I really loved the weather, not too hot, no lineups, and flight prices were so much less. I even visited Istanbul, which was less crowded, especially when you sightsee and visit the Bazaars.”  

Off-season adventures can be a fantastic way to uncover new destinations and enjoy unique experiences that may not be available during peak travel times. While many people opt to travel during the summer or school holidays, travelling during the off-season can offer numerous benefits worth considering. 

Lower prices

The lower prices are one of the most significant benefits of travelling during the off-season. During peak travel times, prices for everything from flights to accommodation to tourist attractions can be significantly higher. However, during the off-season, prices are much more reasonable, allowing you to save on travel expenses. The savings may even let you afford more trips!   

woman enjoying the scenic view of the Northern Lights above the lake and pool in Iceland
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Fewer crowds

Another advantage of off-season vacations is that there are fewer crowds. You can enjoy popular tourist attractions without waiting in long lines. You’ll also have more space to explore and take in the sights, which can enhance your overall travel experience. Fewer tourists allow you the time to enjoy more activities and a better chance of getting that perfect keepsake photo. 

More authentic experiences

Enjoy more authentic experiences during the off-season. Without the crowds, you’ll be able to interact more with locals and experience the regional culture more naturally. You may also be able to access attractions or events that are not available during peak travel times, such as festivals, markets, and cultural events. For example, if you visit the country of Iceland during the fall and winter months, you’re far more likely to see the Northern Lights than in the summertime.   

woman having lunch with pizza and wine at outdoor restaurant in Siena town
Young woman having lunch with pizza and wine at outdoor restaurant with beautiful view on the old town of Siena. Concept of italian cuisine and traveling Tuscany region of Italy

Better service

During peak travel times, businesses such as hotels and restaurants may be overwhelmed by the high volume of customers, resulting in slower service and less personalized attention. However, during the off-season, businesses are less busy and can offer better service, making your travel experience more enjoyable. 

Unique weather

Depending on where you’re travelling, the off-season may offer unique weather conditions that can add to your travel experience. For example, travelling to a ski resort during the off-season may offer exceptional hiking or mountain biking opportunities, while visiting a beach destination during the off-season may provide cooler temperatures, fewer crowds and more wildlife viewing. 

Helps tourism staff

Taking a holiday during the off seasons is better for your experience, but it’s also better for the tourism staff in the communities you visit. Peak season means a rush of customers leading to more work and money. Unfortunately, this also means that when tourism is low, local employees may not get a paycheck and struggle to support their families. Low-season travel helps offset this imbalance in employment for locals in the hospitality industry

Get all the tips you’ll need for off-season travel and start planning by booking an appointment with a CAA Travel Consultant. 

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