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‘Bridgerton’ season 3 filming locations you can see in real life  

Dearest gentle reader, if the Regency-era series Bridgerton has you gripping the edge of your seat, take the adventure off the screen and visit some of the show’s filming locations in real life. Set in historic places across the UK, you can step into the lives of Mayfair’s high society by exploring towering castles, mighty estates, manicured gardens and more.   

If you have a sense of wanderlust like Colin Bridgerton, reach out to a CAA Travel Consultant to begin planning a British vacation as you eagerly await the release of season three Check out these returning picturesque filming spots that have appeared throughout the series and scroll to discover some new places for the third season.   

The first half of the new season of Bridgerton will be released on Netflix on May 16, 2024, with part two coming on June 13, 2024. Get a closer look at these UK filming locations that you’ll see in Bridgerton season three. 

Royal Crescent, Bath

Royal Crescent, Bath, UK, England

Venture to England’s city of Bath, steeped in history and culture, and head to Royal Crescent for all the Regency era vibes. The curved stretch of townhomes provides a backdrop for the affluent Mayfair neighbourhood and appears in various carriage riding scenes. No. 1 Royal Crescent poses as the exterior of the Featheringtons’ home. Can you spot Penelope’s window?   

Today, No. 1 Royal Crescent is a brilliantly restored townhouse museum where you can step back in time into the fashionable life of the 18th century.   

Holburne Museum, Bath

Holburne Museum, Bath, England

No Bridgerton tour of England is complete without stopping by Ranger’s House in London, a stunning Georgian villa at Greenwich Park’s edge. The heritage property acts as the exterior for the Bridgerton family home, which you’ll recognize from many scenes of the family greeting guests or heading out in a carriage.   

You can admire the Wernher Collection — a world-class, private art collection with more than 700 pieces — in the Ranger’s House.   

Basildon Park, Reading

Basildon Park, an English country house and estate in Berkshire

Season two of Bridgerton went out with a bang at the Featheringtons’ ball, filmed at Basildon Park. The estate’s Garden Room and parterre were featured in party scenes as the season ended, appearing as the back of the Featherington home. As fireworks erupt, this is the spot where Anthony and Kate finally express their love for each other, as well as when Penelope overhears Colin dismissing the idea of ever being romantically involved with her. Quite the setup for season three, where this filming location will play a more significant role. The interior of Basildon Park will be the home of a new character this season, Lady Tilley Arnold.  

This 18th-century house at Basildon Park sits on 400 acres of land, and you can visit the restored building, explore the formal gardens and dine in the main tearoom.   

Wilton House, Wiltshire

The gardens and state rooms of Wilton House are used as sets for various locations in the Bridgerton universe, so they appear in many episodes and will be returning in the third season. Interior rooms are featured in Queen Charlotte’s palace, including her throne room (where debutants are presented) and bedroom, Lady Danbury’s library, and the dining room in season one’s Clevedon Castle. The estate’s exterior is the facade of The Duke of Hasting’s house in season one. You’ll also spot the estate in Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story as St. James’ Palace and the Untere Schloss in Germany (where Charlotte was born).   

The Earl and Countess of Pembroke live in Wilton House, with a section of the house and grounds open to the public, including a café to enjoy.  

Hampton Court Palace, Molesey

Hampton Court palace in London, UK

Hampton Court Palace often pops up in the Bridgerton series in key scenes and supplementary shots. The palace’s Fountain Court appears in multiple scenes with Queen Charlotte, such as when she enjoys outdoor tea under a tented awning. Privy Garden also serves as an exterior of the Queen’s Palace, and the wedding of Anthony Bridgerton and Edwina Sharma was filmed there. Master Carpenter’s Court was transformed into the show’s London’s Chancery Lane, where Lady Whistledown’s papers are printed. This popular filming spot will host a fabulous ball in season three   

Once the home of the infamous King Henry VIII, visitors can now explore galleries, participate in events, join guided tours, marvel at state apartments and more at Hampton Court Palace.   

Painshill Park, Cobham

The Bridgerton families of the ton spend a lot of time promenading, picnicking, and gossiping at Painshill Park. Considered an example of a fine English garden, visiting here will feel like stepping into a painting. Fans of the show first saw the garden backdrop in season one during the Featheringtons’ picnic and the scene when Daphne and Simon speak on the arched bridge. Lord Hawkins, a new season three character, will bring hot air balloons to the park, and viewers get to see Colin be a hero; how exciting.   

Discover a ruined abbey, gothic tower, crystal grotto, tearoom and much more in Painshill Park. It is a ticketed garden with set opening times each season.   

Old Royal Naval College, London

Setting the stage for the bustling streets of London society, you can spot Greenwich’s Old Royal Naval College in the first two seasons of Bridgerton and again in season three. The heritage site is the set for the Mayfair market and many exterior street scenes. You’ll recognize it when the paper carriers hand out issues of Lady Whistledown, too.  

Housing various exhibitions and events, visit this landmark’s Painted Hall, Britain’s equivalent of the Sistine Chapel.  

New locations to look for in Season 3

While the highly anticipated third season of Bridgerton will feature some exact locations as in the first two seasons, there will be dreamy new spots to help set the scene. Look out for these new filming locations in season three of Bridgerton that you can visit in real life.  

Claydon House, Buckingham

This grand country house will pop up in part two of Bridgerton’s third season, so keep your eyes peeled. Visitors can explore the picturesque grounds and historic interiors of Claydon House.   

Squerryes Court, Sevenoaks

It’s a vineyard where you can stop for a drink and meal. Squerryes Court will appear early in season three as the set of a garden party.   

Grimsthorpe Castle, Lincolnshire

Grimsthorpe Castle is the filming location for the home of an eccentric new character in season three. Visitors can visit the park, garden and castle on select days from April to December.   

Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire

While season three is the first time Blenheim Palace will appear in Bridgerton, you may recognize it as Buckingham House in the Queen Charlotte series. You can explore this palace in real life, discovering historic staterooms, gallery exhibitions and stunning gardens.   

Osterley Park and House, Hounslow

The picturesque setting of Osterley Park and House hosts an outdoor ball in season three of Bridgerton. This fine house and gardens can be explored by visitors, including an on-site shop and cafe.  

Kingston Bagpuize House, Oxfordshire

This new filming spot is a surprise location for the season, so we’ll have to watch and see what occurs, but you may also recognize it from other period dramas. The house and gardens of Kingston Bagpuize House are open to the public.   

Woburn Walk, London

Business began booming for Madame Delacroix last season, so her modiste shop has a new location for the third season. The shop’s exterior has moved from The Abbey Deli in Bath to Woburn Walk in Bloomsbury, London. You can stroll down this pedestrian street, but note it’s transformed for filming.   

Visit the locations from the show

Contact a CAA Travel Consultant and book an online appointment to start planning your trip to the United Kingdom. Our travel experts can help you plan your ideal itinerary so you can visit these stunning Regency-era backdrops. 

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