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CAA Everyday Heroes: Meet one of our trusted Travel Consultants

At CAA, we’re proud to be Canada’s Most Trusted Brand, named by the Gustavson Index. But how do we earn trust? Through our all-star staff.

Meet Sharon Lewco, a CAA Trusted Travel Consultant at our Orleans store. She’s always there to help you with all your vacation details, so why not get to know her?

What do you love most about your career?

I enjoy watching the excitement rise when people tell me their vacation ideas, or I suggest something that sparks it to rise. Their whole demeanor can change. They open up and you can tell they are genuinely happy. Helping them get to this point is extremely rewarding to me.

A successful trip is important to me because I want our Members to get there safely and get the most out of their time. There is a huge satisfaction in getting it right and as a travel agent.

Why is it important to use a CAA travel agent?

At CAA, every travel agent must be certified by the Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO) and follow the strict guidelines that protect the consumer’s purchases.

“Using a travel agent is like packing your parachute. Travel agents are safety nets with expertise that can be relied upon when things go sideways.”

Our staff are your neighbours that live down the street and our children attend the same schools. We know what is important to you because we are all part of the same community.

Lots of people book their trips online, but what’s the number one reason people should work with a CAA Trusted Travel Consultant?

Only a travel agent can guide our Members towards value and accredited travel companies. There are many so-called travel companies online we would never work with because they are not accredited or vetted by CAA. We wouldn’t be able to guarantee the product or the outcome.

What’s another thing you love about what you do?

Traveling! Travelling is important because meeting people in other places and trying on their culture is how we can stretch and grow and become more accepting – become better people ourselves.

CAA Travel offers eco-friendly travel. Why is that important to you?

Being eco-friendly doesn’t just mean using bio-degradable shampoo – it is about looking at a place through the eyes of its inhabitants, speaking with them, finding out what is important to them, their culture and their environment and then making a change in what we do to help. It might be a small thing like picking up a piece of garbage, or something larger like a donation to a worthy cause. Visiting places using trustworthy tour companies that hire local guides is a great place to start.

What is the value of CAA Membership?

When you are a Member, you have access not only to Roadside Assistance, but free maps, create-you-own TripTiks™ and complimentary booking fees.

Our travel department has developed special relationships with many travel providers such as cruise lines and tour companies, so our Members benefit with extra spending credits and support.

I always tell people that when they book their trip through us, not only can they get access to extra benefits, but they also receive CAA Dollars which can be used to offset their Membership fees. Many of our retail partners also offer CAA dollars when shopping while some give on-the-spot discounts. It all adds up to extra savings.

We’re here to help!

When you’re ready to travel, contact Sharon or one of our knowledgeable CAA Travel Consultants for expert advice. Our staff will turn your vacation dreams into reality. Visit or call 1-800-267-8713.

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