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Go green while you travel

It makes sense that those who love travel would also want to preserve the planet. Looking for advice on how to go green while you travel? We’ve got you covered for responsible travel.

“There are two kinds of sustainability initiatives: one that protects the environment and one that supports the economic well-being of the people in that environment,” says Vancouver-based food, drink and travel writer Joanne Sasvari. “Both meet in the kitchen and at the table.”

Here are four simple ways you can help to keep responbile travel top of mind while travelling.

Try a food haul

The collections of food sellers that are popping up in cities around the world are a win-win situation. It is an easy way to sample food from lots of different vendors and support smaller operators testing out creative culinary ideas.

Choose local

“Skip the chains and dine at independent, locally owned and operated restaurants,” suggests Sasvari. Eat and drink things that are grown in the places you visit. Choose more plants than meat.

Support women

“Eating street food is a great way to support local communities directly, especially female vendors,” says travel and food journalist, Katie Lockhart. “If you’re staying in a hotel, ask the concierge where they go to eat in the area. And when you see a long line of people, join it. Also, where appropriate, tip.”

Tell a friend

Many small businesses don’t have time or budget for publicity, so the best thing you can do to support them is to encourage others to visit, says Jessica van Dop DeJesus.

Start exploring

Speak with CAA’s experienced travel consultants, who will help you plan your own culinary adventure. Plus, they can help you go green, and make sure you have the right travel insurance to protect your trip. Visit us online to get started.

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