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What your luggage says about you

Packing is an essential part of travel planning. You have to consider what you are packing; how often do you think about your luggage? It’s not much. You need something that fits what you need on your travels. Did you know that the type of luggage you carry says a lot about you and the kind of traveller you are?  

Unsure of what your luggage is telling the world? We’ve got you covered. Here is what your luggage says about you. 

Carryon luggage only

Hands laying down a carry-on baggage on an upper shelf
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If you travel with a carry-on only, you are all about control. However, you may have trust issues after hearing horror stories of lost checked suitcases. You prefer to know the whereabouts of your luggage and have perfected the art of packing lightly. Moreover, you are practical, organized, and the planner in your social group. Plus, carry-on travellers get to skip the baggage checking fees and the line. By not waiting at baggage claim, you get to your destination sooner.  


Woman standing on the edge near tropical river
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Are you always looking for their next big adventure? Strolling through the airport with a backpack lets everything know that you are all about freedom and independence. Backpackers only pack multiple pairs of shoes they might never wear. So instead, you bring only the essentials and focus on enjoying the sights. But you are always ready for everything. You are the friend who always has snacks or a band-aid if needed. 


Top view of male traveler packing for a trip, puts clothes in a du
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Duffle bag carriers are the fun-loving friends always up for a weekend getaway. While the duffle isn’t the easiest thing to lug around on long trips, it is perfect for a last-minute weekend getaway with friends. The duffle holds everything you need, but you may need to repack it a few times before it fits everything. You love being on the move, and you might not get the chance to unpack before the next trip.  

Four-wheel roller

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You are an experienced traveller who loves the convenience and ease of wheeling your heavy suitcases through busy airports. Four-wheel rollers invest in a quality product rather than struggling to roll your bag around every time you travel. 

However, you might have needed to sit on your suitcase to get it shut, but with a little strategy, you can find room for all the souvenirs you’ll buy. Though, you might hold your breath when your luggage is weighed during check-in.  

Suitcase covered in travel stickers

Traveler holding retro suitcase
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The suitcases covered in travel stickers belong to the jet setter. You are a world traveller, and your Instagram makes all your friends jealous. Over the years, your case might have become dinged and scuffed, but it tells the stories of your travels. You know all the travel hacks, the coolest spots to visit and how to explore while avoiding the crowd.  

Colourful luggage set

A woman with a suitcase outdoors
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You are an extrovert if your luggage is full of bright colours and patterns. You turn your house upside down to find your passport, but you still make it to the airport on time. You are used to being the centre of attention, and you make friends everywhere. By the end of your flight, you’ve already made dinner plans with the stranger sitting next to you.  

Vintage suitcases

Woman waiting at the railway station with a suitcase.
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Those who tote vintage-style suitcases travel with a sense of whimsy. Whether you come across vintage luggage in a charity shop or as a hand-me-down, you understand the benefits of a good bargain. You love scouting travel sites for the best deals and are an expert in low-budget travel. You know how to find unique souvenirs and appreciate shopping at local vendor markets rather than the airport gift shop. 

Time to upgrade your luggage?

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