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5 Hilarious road trip games that aren’t 20 Questions

The words “are we there yet” may feel like a big black cloud is about to rain on your road trip, but fear not. Road trip games are a fun way to spice up long car rides. Here are some great ways to keep the backseat crew happy and entertained.  

Would you rather…?

Would you rather be the fastest person alive or have the power to slow down time? All it takes is a bit of imagination to come up with thought-provoking hypothetical questions, and equally engaging responses in this game. 

We’re going on a picnic

The aim of this memory game is to be the last player to perfectly recite all the items in the picnic basket. Start with the letter A for the first item, then go through the alphabet. Encourage creativity in what they’d pack (peanut butter and spider leg sandwiches, anyone?). Every player recites the words “I’m going on a picnic and I’ve packed…” and works through the list.   

Who am I? 

Reach far back into the mists of time to stump your opponents in this fun game for older kids. Pick a famous person, dead or alive, and answer yes-or-no questions. The person who guesses correctly wins and gets to start the next round.  


In this collaborative storytelling game, an improvised tale can swing quickly from tragedy to comedy. The first player kicks off with a sentence that starts, “Fortunately…”, which player two continues by starting with “Unfortunately…” 
Keep statements to just a sentence or two. 

Travelling library  

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A young child and his mom reading a book in a car and playing road trip games

Looking for more road trip game ideas?

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