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Rocky Mountaineer, is SilverLeaf or GoldLeaf service right for you?

Are you planning your unforgettable Rocky Mountaineer journey through the Canadian Rockies? When booking your train trip, they offer two levels of service.

Both offer breathtaking scenery, world-class service, master storytellers, along with complimentary meals, beverages, and snacks. But there are a few differences between the two service levels.

Why it's better to go gold on Rocky Mountaineer

Man looking out window on Rocky Mountaineer
Rocky Mountaineer

GoldLeaf Service not only offers more hosts to attend to your every need, but the coaches are taller than the single-level SilverLeaf Service coaches, giving more room to stretch out. Inside, you’ll be able to visit the comfortable glass-dome seating above and the dining room below.

Close up of Goldleaf Service meal
Rocky Mountaineer

At the SilverLeaf Service level, guests are served meals at their seats. But in GoldLeaf Service, you’ll savour your gourmet multi-course meal in a destinated dining room. There you’ll be able to sit with guests from around the world while exchanging memories and stories.

man taking a photo of mountains
Rocky Mountaineer

For travellers eager to see the spectacular views and photograph the incredible landscapes, GoldLeaf Service is your best choice. You can relax in the spacious reclining seats on the upper level with full-dome windows offering panoramic views.

Plus, you’ll have access to the exclusive outdoor viewing platform. It is not only a fantastic spot to go for a breath of fresh air, but it is one of the best spots to take photos.

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