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The top travel trends of 2023 (and beyond)

Are you looking for an insider scoop on travel? Then look no further.   

Over the past three years, travel trends and patterns have changed. With pandemic uncertainty, travel restrictions, and quarantine requirements, Canadians shifted how they travelled. Many opted for staycations or to explore more of their home country, while others embarked on last-minute vacations.  

Now, trends are shifting, and slowly, patterns are returning to normal. Travellers are starting to feel comfortable with their vacation plans, making plans farther into the future and planning more winter getaways. While old habits are returning, the destinations and itineraries Canadians pick have altered. Many are opting to explore new destinations or opting for unique trips that allow a more intimate experience of culture.   

From group departures to warm weather vacations off the beaten path, our experts have all the information to plan your next vacation. Here are four things trending in travel.   

Changing travel patterns

Many Canadians plan to pack their bags for warmer climates in the coming months. Much like pre-pandemic travel, Mexico and the Dominican Republic are the top countries outside of Canada and the United States that CAA Members are travelling to this winter. Many also venture to new locations, like Portugal and Italy.   

If you’re looking to escape the Canadian winter but are sick of the same old resort vacation, there are plenty of destinations to consider. While some Canadians only think of the Caribbean for winter vacations, there are plenty of warmer climates in Europe, South America and Africa.  

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The rise in small group travel

Small group departures are gaining popularity amongst Canadians as travellers now look for trips with around 20 passengers. These departures are just big enough for travellers to enjoy the benefits of group travel but small enough to enjoy an intimate vacation.   

Group travel has evolved; it’s not just coach busses and rushing from one place to another. With a group departure from Together. Groups by CAA Travel, you get a well-thought-out itinerary that allows you to truly experience your destination in a way that is not typically possible on your own.   

So, what makes group departure so great? Thanks to its many benefits, embarking on a group travel itinerary takes the stress of planning out of the vacation. Experts have taken their time to create a well-planned itinerary, often including airfare, accommodations and some meals at inclusive pricing. Plus, thanks to our strong network of travel partners worldwide, a small group departure gives you access to places and experiences you cannot get on your own.  

If you are interested in trying one, ask your travel consultant about group trips like Together. Groups by CAA Travel’s Rockies by Rail – Alaska by Sea departure leaving June 2023.  

Solo travel trends

Solo travel has been a trend in travel for years, but it has grown in popularity recently. A survey of CAA Members shows that between 15 and 17 per cent of travellers prefer solo travel. Travelling alone allows more independence and gives travellers a more intimate way to experience the culture and customs of their destination.   

At CAA, we understand how challenging it can be for solo travellers to find trips that are safe and can accommodate solo travellers. We designed some group departures with solo travellers in mind, allowing travellers to freely travel to places like Italy independently, with a group of like-minded travellers with an expertly designed itinerary.

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It's better to book ahead

Over the last three years, we’ve noticed that travellers had a shorter booking window than usual. With the uncertainty of the pandemic, many Members were booking last-minute vacations as they were worried about changing travel restrictions and cancellations beyond their control.   

Now, many travellers are regaining their trust in the industry. CAA Members, on average, are booking vacations further out, with more time to plan.  

As demand increases, so does the cost of last-minute bookings. It is best to plan vacations and trips and avoid leaving booking and planning to the last minute. Plus, by booking early, you can get your preferred departure at a better price, as there will be more options available. 

Be a part of the trend

Speak to a CAA Travel Consultant to find out more about trending travel destinations and to start planning today. Book your appointment online or visit a CAA Store. 

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