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Travelling overseas? Here are 5 things you need to do if you need to use insurance

Preparing for an upcoming vacation is more than just packing the right clothes and booking transportation. While we hope for sunny skies and no delayed flights, the reality is that emergencies and unforeseen circumstances can occur. 

If you need to make a travel insurance claim, you’ll want to understand how to make a claim and have all the necessary documents ready. To ensure that any travel claims you make are easy to process and reimburse, there are a few steps you should follow. 

Pack all relevant insurance documents

When packing, don’t forget to bring your travel insurance. Most insurance plans will provide a membership card that contains your essential information – your name, policy number, and the company’s contact information. If your plan has any other documentation required on-site to ensure payment is covered, bring a copy, too. While on your trip, always carry this information with you, as claims are much easier to make when your insurer is involved from the start.   

Check the claims process before you depart

When you have a moment, review the claims process before your departure. Every insurer lists what they require of claimants, and CAA is no exception. The relevant phone numbers, supporting documents, forms, and steps to initiate a claim are all available online.   

Take the time to familiarize yourself with how and when to contact your insurance, especially when dealing with medical emergencies. Ensure you have their contact number for swift communication. Also, confirm what information you’ll need to provide from the police, hospital, or other institution and when these documents would be required. Knowing the process in advance will make it much easier to do the right thing if something unfortunate should happen.  

If you need further clarification, check your insurance’s supporting material or call them to answer your question. 

Keep a list of medical information

When packing for your holiday, you’ll want to make a checklist of all insurance and health-related items you’re bringing. The list won’t just help you keep track of your essentials, but it can also help you take advantage of baggage insurance and replace anything that gets lost. List all medications, doctors’ phone numbers, and insurance contacts, even if you have the medicines in your carry-on bag or the numbers in your phone.  

It’s always better to have a backup. The list will make contacting your insurer or doctor easier for you or your travel companion.   

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Give your travel companions your insurance details

At the start of your journey, ensure the people travelling with you know your coverage and how to make a claim. Tell them about your documents, checklist, medications, and how you can access your insurance. For example, you’ll store all the relevant information in the front pocket of your backpack. You’ll want to make it easy for everyone to find the information in an emergency. 

Additionally, explain to the people you are travelling with the process of contacting your insurance provider so they can help make claims if you are incapacitated or otherwise unable to do so yourself.   

Keep all receipts and documents

During your trip, keep all receipts and documents. Your insurer will want proof of the costs you need to be covered for in the case of a claim – if you keep receipts, demonstrating costs is hassle-free. Plane ticket receipts, purchase receipts, death certificates – if you need them to support a claim, hang on to them.   

Need help filing an insurance claim?

You can start a claim online or call CAA, in-destination or when home. We will work with you throughout the entire settlement process. 

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