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6 True Canadian adventures

Where can you ride a horse to a backcountry barbecue, walk the ocean floor or adventure among black-tailed deer? Right here, in Canada. With the Canadian Signature Experiences collection—a curated list of authentic and inspired getaways.

Destination Canada works to promote the country as a tourism destination. Plus, it highlights unique regional tours and unforgettable attractions from coast to coast. These are six of our favourites.

Hopewell Rocks, New Brunswick

The rocky New Brunwisk coast at Hopewell Rocks at low tide
Tourism New Brunswick

Twice a day, more than 160 billion tonnes of seawater flow in and out of the Bay of Fundy in Atlantic Canada. At Hopewell Rocks Provincial Park in New Brunswick, visitors can walk the ocean floor during low tide, then return for a kayaking tour between the flowerpot rock at high tide formations. 

Don’t forget to marvel at the soaring sandstone “sea stacks” that have been carved over thousands of years by powerful tidal erosion.

Hotel-Musee Premieres Nations, Quebec

Huron-Wendat lodge In Quebec, Canada
Destination Canada

Located along the Akiawenrahk River near Quebec City, Hotel-Musee Premières Nations allows visitors to immerse themselves in the history and culture of the Huron-Wendat Nation. The boutique hotel and heritage museum blend Iroquois traditions with modern amenities and are decorated with authentic Aboriginal textiles, furniture and art. 

Guests can create crafts like talking sticks and beaded necklaces on a leather string during artisan-led workshops. Plus,  listen to stories about the Huron-Wendat Nation in the Ekionkiestha’ National Longhouse. 

You can savour First Nations cuisine at the on-site restaurant, La Traite. Enjoy Appalachian red deer tartare, wild boar medallions with smoked parsnip puree, or try whole-wheat pancakes with maple-blueberry compote with bannock and seasonal jam. 

Ottawa River, Ontario

a raft guide leads 5 rafters through rapids on a yellow blow up raft
Destination Canada

Feel the spray of the water on your face as you paddle along the Ottawa River with OWL Rafting, family owned and operated since 1981. Choose from low, medium or high-intensity experiences that range from day trips to one-or two-night camping excursions. First-timers or families with young kids (children must weigh at least 50 lbs to participate) will appreciate the gentle waves lapping against the raft. But, thrill seekers should hold on tight! As some rapids are strong enough to send paddlers into the whitewater. 

Blachford Lake Lodge, Northwest Territories

Green northern lights light up a North West Territory sky
Destination Canada

Travel by float plane from Yellowknife to Blachford Lake Lodge for a once-in-a-lifetime northern adventure. Nestled in the heart of the Canadian wilderness, you’ll find this remote property. The lodge is a picturesque base to view the brilliance of the northern lights as they dance and shimmer in the night sky. 

Guests at the lakefront lodge can swim, canoe and kayak along the 17-kilometre waterway in summer. Or, enjoy snowshoeing, snowmobile rides and cross-country skiing during the winter.

Haida Gwaii Islands, British Columbia

Adventurers walks down a wooden boardwalk in Haida Gwaii off the coast of British Columbia, Canada
Maple Leaf Adventures

Situated off the coast of British Columbia, Haida Gwaii is a unique archipelago of islands that are rich in coastal culture and natural history. Maple Leaf Adventures takes explorers on a multi-day land and sea tour, visiting remote beaches and the Great Bear Rainforest. 

Along the tour, you can spot west coast wildlife, like black bears, black-tailed deer, humpback whales and sea stars. Tours also include a visit to the 19th-century Haida village of SGang Gwaay (Nan Sdins), a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Learn about the history of the Haida People while admiring ancient monumental poles and longhouse remains.

Banff Trail Riders, Alberta

A girl greats a horse as a part of the Banff Trail Riders Adventures in Alberta, Canada
Travel Alberta

Saddle up and step back in time for a Cowboy Cookout Ride with Banff Trail Riders. Set out on horseback or in a covered wagon and take in scenic views of the Bow River during this three-hour trail ride through the Canadian Rockies. 

Along the way you’ll enjoy a pit stop at Three Mile Cabin. Get ready for a family-friendly game of horseshoes followed by a backcountry barbecue feast of steak and beans. 

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