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Why you need a travel consultant

When your vacation doesn’t run smoothly, CAA travel Consultants have your back and will be there to make things right.

You’re missing out if you don’t use a CAA Travel Consultant when planning your vacation. They can do much more than help you navigate travel restrictions, get better savings, and provide trip recommendations.

How do we know that? We asked CAA Members Alex Downey and his wife Betty Downey about how their CAA Travel Consultant handled the last-minute cancellation of their trip to Cuba.

Alex and Betty booked a stay at a resort in Varadero, Cuba, where two family members were planning to join them.

“She was very attentive and helpful [in] setting this trip up,” says Alex. With everything in place, Alex and Betty just counted off the calendar days until their departure.

But due to health reasons, the two travelling companions had to cancel. However, their family members planned to continue with the trip. “We felt bad having to have our travel consultant cancel half this trip given all the effort she put into setting everything up to accommodate these seniors,” Alex adds.

Unfortunately, the change caused unexpected headaches. The vacation company mixed up the charges between the couple and their family. Additionally, the couple was “put on hold for six hours waiting for answers,” Alex explains.

Their travel consultant was a huge time saver; she stuck with the problem and untangled the mess over so well, Alex says she went “beyond and above.”

“Based on the number of e-mails she sent us to keep us informed, we can only imagine the plethora of communications she had to contend with to get this entire thing back on track.”

Although he and Betty never made it to Cuba, Alex still says their travel consultant’s diligence made it a “successful holiday experience” and has “already suggested to some friends and family to look CAA Travel up for any future travel plans.”

Ready to travel?

Speak with an experienced CAA Travel Consultant online or by calling 1-866-279-7790.

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