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9 Reasons why you should pick Windstar Cruises

Need some vitamin sea? Then it is time to board a yacht to paradise (it’s more affordable than you think). Here are nine reasons you should pick Windstar Cruises for your next vacation:

Back-to-back sailing

housekeeping on Windstar Cruises
Windstar Cruises

Extending your vacation couldn’t be easier. With Windstar, you can combine two back-to-back trips. But there is no need to worry about visiting all the same ports. Instead, on trips of 13 days (or longer), you’ll see more of the region and experience new cultures and delicious cuisines.

Say goodbye to packing a second suitcase. All Star Collector Voyages include complimentary laundry, so you won’t need to overpack.

Perfectly sized yachts

outdoor tables on Windstar Cruises
Windstar Cruises

Escape the large crowds and create unforgettable memories. Instead of ships filled with thousands of people, Windstar’s yachts range from 148 to 342 guests. The perfectly sized cruises allow you to experience the destination authentically while creating lifelong friendships with fellow travellers.


close up of meal with scallops
Windstar Cruises

Their cruises are a foodie dreamland. You can visit a market tour with a chef to taste local specialties or pick out fresh ingredients to have a meal curated for you. In addition, Windstar Cruises works with the James Beard Foundation so that you can try dishes from celebrity chefs and sommeliers.

Personalized service

couple standing aboard a cruise ship
Windstar Cruises

When cruising with Windstar, the crew treats hospitality as a calling, not just a job. They pay attention to every little detail to make your cruise that much more magical. To top it all off, the ration of crew to guest is 1:1.5.

Visit unique locations

group of women with flower crowns
Windstar Cruises

Windstar Cruises give you the freedom to explore cities and villages like no one else. Their ships access the best-kept secret coves, remote islands, and charming villages before docking overnight in iconic cities full of sparkling lights.

They curate trips based on the smaller, less-visited ports, where locals go to vacation, authentic food and traditions take the place of tourist fare, and where you still stumble upon deserted beaches and bustling markets filled with unfamiliar produce and colourful characteristics.

A yacht for every cruising style

Windstar Cruises
Windstar Cruises

Whatever you can imagine on a cruise, they will have an option for you. No matter what suite or stateroom you are staying in or what ship you’re on, you are guaranteed to have a view of the ocean, access to a luxurious spa, world-class gym, spacious pool, and a vast selection of dining options.


people hiking

With Windstar Cruises, it’s beyond easy to plan the sailing trip of your dreams. With destinations ranging from Alaska to Tahiti to the Mediterranean, there is something for everybody. No matter where you go, Windstar Cruises will take your breath away while you explore villages you have never even heard of and experience the local culture. 

Authentic travel

group of people at a local market
Windstar Cruises

Get to the heart of local cultures with Windstar’s shore excursions. There are more than 2000 excursions to pick from, so each guest can experience the destination in an authentic way that appeals to them.

Experience cruising in a sailing ship

Windstar Cruises
Windstar Cruises

Check sailing across the open sea off your bucket list. Windstar Cruises allows guests to experience sailing through the ocean like no one else. Three of Windstar’s six yachts are sailing vessels – including the largest in the world. 

Learn more about Windstar Cruises

Ready to learn more about Windstar Cruise or book your trip? Visit this link or call (800) 267-8713 to contact a CAA Travel Agent.

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