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CAA Magazine is digital!

The world of CAA just got a whole lot bigger – and more interactive – with the launch of the digital CAA Magazine in North & East Ontario.

The online-only, paperless magazine, which features videos, interactive and shareable content, will save on the use of 48 million pieces of paper annually, says Jeff Walker, CAA North & East Ontario’s President and CEO.

Instead of four print issues a year, the magazine will regularly update content and alert Members about the latest headlines with “Fresh Off the Press”, an e-newsletter released every two months with current and relevant information and news.

“We looked at how our Members consume news, where they go for information and what they had to say about their environmental concerns. Delivering a highly searchable, regularly updated digital magazine really fits into our club mandate to care for the environment now and for the future,” he says.

The historic magazine, which has one of the highest circulations in Canada, is printed in regional versions quarterly by the eight CAA clubs across the federation. CAA North & East Ontario is the first club in Canada to completely replace its version of the title with a digital format.

The decision to embrace a paperless CAA Magazine was made after a lot of consideration, says Mr. Walker.

As part of its environmental mandate, the club has undertaken a benchmarking emissions audit, investing in hybrid and electric fleet vehicles, and has drastically reduced its office footprint by moving from it 2800sqm headquarters on Thurston Drive to new headquarters at Lansdowne Park in downtown Ottawa.

“We have heard from a handful of Members that they love the CAA Magazine in print. But as we look to the immediate future of the planet, we must take positive steps to reduce CAA North & East Ontario’s impact on the environment,” he says. “Creating a paperless CAA Magazine is just one of the actions we are taking.”

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