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Daunted by downsizing?

It’s liberating to cut down on possessions before a move, but the process can be intimidating, too. Here are four ideas to help you tackle the task.

What to do when downsizing

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  1. Make digital memories. Boxes of old photo albums, children’s artwork and other paperwork take up a lot of space. Scan or photograph each item and create a digital archive on your computer instead.
  2. Multi-task to the max. Prioritize any dual-purpose items for your smaller home. Keep futons that can turn into guest beds, bed frames with built-in storage or dressers that can double as TV stands.   
  3. Consider the dimensions. Take a measuring tape to your new home to see how your furniture will fit. If you only have an eat-in kitchen, you won’t need that dining room set.
  4. Avoid renting extra space. Beware the storage unit—it’s only a costly delay tactic. At some point, you’ll still need to conquer your clutter.

Help from CAA

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Update your policy

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