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5 Common vehicle oil change questions answered

Taking care of your vehicle doesn’t need to be costly and time-consuming. CAA is here to help you better understand your vehicle’s maintenance. Here are 5 common questions about oil changes answered.

When should I change my vehicle’s oil?

Regular maintenance can help you save money. Did you know keeping your oil clean improves your vehicle’s performance and can even help you get better mileage? As a rule of thumb, you should change your oil at least twice yearly. Remember that driving habits and temperatures can affect how quickly oil degrades. Most newer cars have oil monitoring systems. Your vehicle will track usage and oil conditions and signal when you need a change. If you have an older vehicle, check the owner’s manual or factory maintenance schedule for information on maintenance schedules.

What are the warning signs I need an oil change?

Has the oil change light come on your dash? Or the check engine light? If so, it’s time for an oil change. But there are other signs, too. Pay attention to the colour when you check your oil level. Engine oil is amber in colour when clean. Dirty oil is a dark brown.

If your oil is light and milky in colour, it could mean coolant is leaking into your engine. It’s best to have your car towed to a mechanic for further inspection. Also, check if there are any metal pieces or particles in the oil, this may indicate some internal damage to your engine that you’ll want to have looked at. Additionally, if your vehicle is making more noise than normal, and you hear a knocking or rumbling sound coming from your engine could show you need an oil change. Have you noticed exhaust smoke? Or does your cabin smell like oil? Then it’s time for an oil change.

How do I check my vehicle’s oil level?

Start with checking your owner’s manual. Most newer cars have electronic oil monitors rather than dipsticks. Then make sure your car is off and parked on level ground. It’s best to wait until the engine is cold.

Pop the hood and find the dipstick. Make sure it is clean before putting it back into its tube. Next, pull it out and check both sides. There will be an indicator of where your oil should be on the dipstick. If the oil streak is between the minimum and maximum indicators, your oil level is good. If your oil is below the minimum indicator, it’s time for a top-up.

Can I upgrade from semi-synthetic/conventional oil to full-synthetic oil?

Yes! If your car manufacturer recommends conventional oil, you can upgrade to semi or full-synthetic – but you can’t downgrade from the manufacturer recommendations. With a CAA Mobile Oil Change, Members do not have the choice to use semi-synthetic oil if the manufacturer recommends full-synthetic.

CAA Mobile Oil Change
What makes CAA’s Mobile Oil Change unique?

A CAA Mobile Oil Change comes to you. Our trusted partner, Easy Tire, will send a TIA-certified mobile technician to you, equipped with the top tools for the job. Our technicians extract your oil from the engine’s top, rather than draining it, meaning no oil spills. They will also place absorption mat covers around where they work, just in case. Additionally, because of the extraction method, there is no need to replace the drain bolt washer. CAA’s Mobile Oil Change also includes a free 23+ point inspection and has affordable member pricing.

CAA Mobile Oil Change
Can I get my cabin air and engine air filters replaced at the same time?

Yes, you can add replacing your cabin air filter and engine air filter onto your CAA Mobile Oil Change service. Did you know most vehicles have a cabin air filter that works like the filter on your furnace? The filter should be checked and replaced when it becomes dirty. You’ll also want to ensure your engine air filter is in good shape as they stop dust, salt, and other debris from entering the engine. When the engine filter becomes clogged it reduces fuel economy.

Can you replace windshield wipers too?

Are your windshield wipers ready to be replaced? Between the scorching sun in the summer, and snow brushes in the winter, windshield wipers need to replace roughly every six months. During your CAA Mobile Oil Change service, a technician can inspect your wiper blades and replace them.

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Get your oil changed from the convenience of your driveway, with CAA. Our Easy Tire, TIA-certified technicians bring the garage to you. Visit us online to learn more.

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