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4 Coolest places to visit Aboard Holland America Line

Do you feel like you are melting from the summer heat? Crack open a cold drink, we have you covered. Here’s four of the coolest Holland America Line cruises you’ll want to add to your bucket list.


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Get ready for new breathtaking sights, everywhere you look. On a cruise to Alaska, you’ll travel through a diverse landscape of rugged coastlines, frosted mountain peaks, wet tundra and fjords. So make sure to have your camera ready! 

Did you know Holland America Line has more trips to Glacier Bay than any other cruise line? Within the picturesque Glacier Bay National Park, you’ll have prime viewing of some of the over 1,000 glistening glaciers. Plus, you can spot the abundant wildlife, like humpback whales, sea lions, orcas and otters. 

How to get there?  

For an unforgettable adventure, book a 14-day Great Alaskan Explorer cruise with Holland America Line and CAA Travel


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Pack your suitcase, you can go on an expedition to the ends of the earth! The once-in-a-lifetime trip will take you through a magical frozen landscape full of massive icebergs and whales.  

While aboard, one must-see destination is Cuverville Island. Here you’ll experience cuteness overload. The area is home to over 6,500 pairs of adorable gentoo penguins (in their natty little tuxedos) that glide along the ice.  

How to get there? 

Escape to the southernmost continent on a 22-day South America and Antarctica cruise with Holland America Line and CAA Travel


Northern lights in Iceland

You can’t help but fall in love with Iceland’s natural beauty. The Nordic nation has a surreal landscape with spectacular waterfalls, lava fields, geysers, and volcanoes. With Holland America Line, you’ll not only explore Reykjavik (the capital city) but discover the area’s rich Viking heritage, incredible fjords and breathtaking vistas. 

How to get there?  

Experience a land renowned for its natural wonders and dramatic scenery by booking a 16-day Voyage of the Vikings cruise with Holland America Line and CAA Travel.



You won’t forget your trip to Norway on a Holland America Line. You’ll journey past fjords, glaciers, soaring mountains and postcard-worthy coastal villages next to sparkling bays.  

Some of the many experiences include visiting Oslo and Bergen’s top sights and learning about the Scandinavian country’s rich seafaring tradition that dates to the 8th century. 

How to get there?  

See the effortlessly cool Norway by booking a seven-day Norse Legends cruise with Holland America Line and CAA Travel

Ready to sail on Holland America Line?

Whether you are a seasoned adventurer or about to depart on your first vacation, our trusted CAA Travel Consultants are here to help.

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