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Moving to a new province?

There are many preparations that are the same whether you’re moving around the block or across Canada. But relocating to a new province brings a few additional considerations. 

Here are five handy tips to make your cross-country relocation easier:

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Consider how you want to move

Whether you rent a truck and drive it yourself, hire full-service movers or book a moving container, every option has its pros and cons. Take some time to decide which option is right for you.

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Research services in your new area

You’ll need to look for reputable providers in your new area for things like internet, phone and cable. is a good resource for finding companies across the country.

Get a new driver’s licence, licence plate and health card

While there is usually a grace period for those moving from another province, apply for your updated identification early to avoid delays.

Complete class registration

If you have children, obtain copies of their education records and send them to their new school.

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Learn about your new province

The Government of Canada website ( offers handy information about all of Canada’s provinces and territories.

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