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6 Strange insurance policies (that actually exist)

When it comes to insurance, you think about insuring your car, house, or even your furry friend. But have you ever considered getting your smile insured? Or your legs? For celebrities and brand ambassadors, protecting their assets is just as important as home insurance. They’ll pay big bucks to protect their money-makers.

While you may not be able to find these insurance policies through CAA, these strange insurance policies actually exist.


In the prime of his career, British soccer player, David Beckham, had his legs insured for just under $264 million dollars. At the time, Beckham’s policy was the biggest personal insurance policy in sports history. The policy protects Beckham’s legs and feet from damage and any disfigurement.

German American model, actor and TV host, Heidi Klum also has an insurance policy for her legs. Her $2.7 million covers both legs, but Klum revealed that one leg is worth less than the other due to a scar from falling on glass.


As a singer and songwriter, it’s no surprise Mariah Carey would want her voice protected. Carey has a $47 million policy protecting her voice. But that’s not the only strange insurance policy the singer has. She also has a $47 million policy for her legs.

With 21 albums and a lengthy career, Bruce Springsteen’s vocal cords are very important to him, so the Jersey Shore native has an $8 million insurance policy for his voice.


American actress Julia Roberts is known for her leading roles in films like Pretty Woman and for her dazzling smile. The actress’ grin is covered by a $40.6 million insurance policy.

Meanwhile, actress America Ferrera’s smile is also protected. As the face of Aquafresh toothpaste, Ferrera’s teeth were insured for $13 million.


KISS is an iconic rock band. But even more iconic is bassist Gene Simmons’ tongue. Naturally, Simmons’ took out a $1.35 Million insurance policy, protecting it.


As the face (and scalp) of Head & Shoulders, Troy Polamalu was known off the football field for his long locks. Back in 2010, Head & Shoulders parent company Proctor and Gamble insured Polamalu’s locks for $1.35 Million.


While filming for 007 film Quantum of Solace actor Daniel Craig has his entire body insured for $12.9 Million. Craig did most of his own stunts during his time as James Bond, so insuring his body was a necessity.

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