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11 Unique accommodations around the world you’ll want to stay at

It’s time to spice up your travel accommodations. Sure, you could stay at a regular hotel, but choosing a unique accommodation will bring your trip to the next level. For example, you could spend the night in a glass igloo as the northern lights dance overhead or feel like royalty in a castle.  

These accommodations are so much more than just a place to sleep at night; they are a one-of-a-kind experience. Here are 11 amazing places to stay worldwide that you’ll want to try for yourself. 

Stay at castle fit for a fairy-tale

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Step back in time and indulge in a luxurious stay fit for royalty at Cabra Castle in the heart of Ireland. The castle is a charming blend of old-world grandeur and modern-day comforts that you expect in a five-star luxury hotel. 

Set on 100 acres of picturesque gardens, you can stroll past the manicured blooms and forest to see the natural beauty of the Irish countryside for yourself. 

For those seeking adventure, Cabra Castle also offers a range of activities to keep you entertained. From golfing and fishing to horseback riding and clay pigeon shooting, there is something for everyone. 

Upon arrival, you can’t help but marvel at the awe-inspiring architecture adorned with turrets and towers that will make you feel like you travelled back to a time of knights. The interior is equally enchanting, with ornate furnishings and intricate details everywhere. 

If you want to stay at this magnificent castle, you can do so on an eight-day Irish Splendour itinerary with Member Choice Vacations, which also includes an Irish whiskey tour.  

Rest on New Zealand’s tallest mountain

The Hermitage
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Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of New Zealand’s tallest mountain, Aoraki Mount Cook, right from the comfort of your hotel room at The Hermitage. The hotel is located within the breathtaking Aoraki Mount Cook National Park and offers an unforgettable Alpine experience. 

In the morning, the glistening peak of Aoraki Mount Cook will greet you through your window, providing a picturesque backdrop for your stay. The hotel boasts a range of luxurious amenities to help you unwind.  

There is plenty here to see and do, such as taking a helicopter tour to the surrounding glaciers and snow-capped peaks or going on a leisurely walk through the National Park. 

This experience is just a small part of the 27-Day Complete South Pacific itinerary offered by Member Choice Vacations, promising to be the trip of a lifetime.

Spice up your stay at a salt hotel

For a relaxing getaway, experience a life of luxury at Hotel de Sal Luna Salada in Uyuni, Bolivia. This iconic hotel is nestled on the edge of the largest Salt Flats in the world.  

The experience focuses on unwinding and disconnecting. Wi-fi and televisions are only found in the hotel’s common areas, and you will find an amazing spa that encourages you to let your stress melt away. The hotel itself is built almost entirely out of salt blocks and is decorated to compliment the surrounding desert.  

The Uyuni salt flats are the main attraction beyond the hotel. Covering 10,582 square kilometres of the Bolivian desert, the Uyuni flats are a wonder left behind by ancient lakes. In the rainy season, the flats transform into a giant mirror as a thin layer of glass like water settles over the salt deposits.

Snuggle up inside an ice hotel

For an unforgettable getaway with cool accommodations, look no further than Village Vacances Valcartier in Saint-Gabriel-de-Valcartier, Quebec. As home to North America’s largest winter playground, there is no shortage of things to do and see. Village Vacances Valcartier offers something for everyone, from spas to arcades to skating and snow tubing.   

Enjoy a stay at the Hotel de Glace, the park’s ice hotel. It is modelled after a cozy Nordic-style getaway and looks completely different each year you visit as it needs to be rebuilt each winter. 

No matter the temperatures outside, the hotel’s rooms are designed to stay between –3°C and –5°C and include thermal bedding to keep you warm in freezing temperatures. Plus, you’ll enjoy access to Nordic spas, allowing you to relax under the Quebec stars.   

The hotel also offers theme rooms, with walls that come to life with ice sculptures and carvings. The chance to stay in an ice hotel should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Encounter wildlife at The Ark

The Ark with elephants
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Count the animals two by two at The Ark lodge in Aberdare National Park. The Ark is designed after Noah’s ark and is the perfect accommodation for wildlife lovers. It features three decks to view the park’s locals, and one ground-level hideout perfect for photographers.   

Check out the animals as they go to nearby watering hole and salt lick, which is especially active at night. A buzzer system can even notify you of any animal activity so you never miss a sighting.   

Aberdare National Park is at the heights of the Aberdare Mountain Range and is home to lush forests and spectacular views. Here you will learn about the park’s conservation and anti-poaching efforts, ensuring the longevity of local wildlife.   

Enjoy a stay at The Ark as a part of a scenic tour through Kenya’s vistas and reserves with Member Choice Vacation’s Plains of Africa Kenya Wildlife Safari. 

Chill inside an igloo

Finland northern lights
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Have you dreamt of seeing the northern lights dance overhead as you snuggle into bed? Then look no further than the glass igloos at the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in north Finland. The glass igloos give you uninterrupted views of the starry sky above and fantastic opportunities to see the aurora borealis come to life.   

Explore all that Lapland offers as you glide over snowy landscapes chasing the northern lights above. You’ll visit local villages and learn about Finnish legends of Santa Clause and the importance of reindeer to the Sámi indigenous culture. Plus, you can travel by a traditional reindeer-led sleigh.   

Finland is the perfect adventure for cold-weather lovers and outdoor adventurers. You will learn of the Finnish Lapland culture laced with myths and legends of the north as you mush through the Arctic on a husky adventure. Then head back to your glass igloo, enjoying access to Finnish saunas to unwind after a day of sightseeing.   

Experience Finland with an eight-day Northern Lights of Finland itinerary from Member Choice Vacations, spending time in Helsinki and Finland’s north.   

Carve out time for an overnight stay in a cave

Head to the south of Italy to experience The Sextantio Le Grotte della Civita in the heart of historical Matera. This hotel is made up of 18 caves that have undergone a careful conservation process, paying homage to the history and cultures present within the caves. Each cave highlights the original construction, as the shape and materials haven’t changed. As a result, the hotel’s interior is minimalistic, letting the caves speak for themselves.   

The caves that are home to Le Grotto della Civita are a part of the ancient labyrinth of caves. The caves have been inhabited since the Paleolithic era, making Matera the world’s third oldest continually lived-in city.   

While in Matera, stroll the city’s caves and alleyways, getting lost in the rocky formations. You also won’t want to miss Santa Maria di Idris cave church, one of Matera’s most famous churches built into the rocks. Santa Maria di Idris looks over the edge of a ravine, and its exterior is an iconic landmark.   

Camp out in the desert

Sahara Tent Camp
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Experience the Sahara at a Sahara Desert Camp in Merzouga, Morocco. Spend time under the stars, trading stories around the campfire at night, and take in the desert landscapes around you. After a long day of exploring, you’ll unwind in your comfortable tent for a relaxing sleep.   

While in Merzouga, enjoy exploring the Sahara by 4×4 Jeeps and camelback. Then, head to Erg Chebbi, a sea of dunes formed by wind blowing the desert sand. Next, head to the nearby village of Khamila to experience sub-Saharan Gnawa music and meet the locals.  

You’ll want to keep your camera close for all photo opportunities along the Sahara dunes, like brilliant sunsets and uninterrupted views of the stars above. The landscape of the dunes is something you truly must experience for yourself.  

The Sahara is just one stop along a 15-day Colours of Morocco trip with Member Choice Vacations that bridges culture and history for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.   

Sleep like royalty inside a palace

Feel like royalty as you sleep in an Indian palace built in 1911. You can’t help but marvel at The Lalit Laxmi Vilas Palace’s architecture, which will make you feel like you’ve been magically transported to a past era of India. The incredible accommodation is one of the best heritage hotels in Udaipur and overlooks Fateh Sing Lake.  

After exploring the hotel’s 26 acres of gardens, see the top sights in Udaipur, like the City Palace comprising 11 palaces, courtyards and gardens. Construction on City Palace began in 1599, and the complex is famed for its peacock mosaics. The main structure is open as a museum, but you can also pay an entry fee to visit the grounds.   

City Palace overlooks Udaipur’s Lake Pichola, an artificial freshwater lake created in 1362. Inside the City Palace complex, boats leave hourly from Rameshwar Ghat. Head out on Lake Pichola and explore some of its islands which supply the perfect picnic location. Lake Pichola is also a popular spot to view the sun as it sets over Udaipur.

Go to jail (for all the right reasons)

At Saintlo Ottawa Jail, you can spend the night in prison; without being arrested. All you need to do is book your room (cell) in Ottawa’s jail hostel to sleep behind bars. The cells are over 150 years old, but the sleeping spaces now have extra comforts.  

Are you afraid of ghosts? Rumour has it the hostel is haunted, that for you to discover.   

Located steps from the Parliament buildings, several museums and the Byward Market, there are endless things to do nearby. 

Rest in comfort in a traditional Moroccan riad

Palais Sheherazade
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Staying the night in a Moroccan riad is peak luxury. The Palais Sheherazade Spa in Fes is a carefully restored 16th-century riad in the heart of Fes Medina. Once a private home, the Palais now offers modern luxury accommodations with traditional Moroccan architecture and decor.   

Fes is one of the holiest cities in the world and is a centre of government, medicine, philosophy and religion within Morocco. As you wander the streets, head to Al-Qarawiyyin University. Built in the 9th century as a mosque, Al-Qarawiyyin became the world’s first institution that awarded degrees. Now, it is known as the oldest continually operating university in the world.   

While in town, stroll through the 9th-century sprawling medina to take in all the sights and shop at the market stalls.  

Discover all Fes has to offer with a 15-day Colours of Morocco itinerary with Member Choice Vacations, exploring Morocco’s vibrant history and culture.   

Book you unique accommodations today

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